The success of your business depends greatly on the perceived value of the brand. Whether the business is public or private, the brand will influence the pricing strategy for your products and services, as well as the business’s equity price. The team from Promotional Product Experts have provided the following techniques that can be applied to your business when promoting your products in Australia.

Promote your business with merchandise.

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Promotional products such as pens, awards, bags and books can be effective for positioning the brand with prospective and current customers. You will maintain an on-going ‘advertising’ presence within the environment.

Use social media.

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Social media presents businesses with the opportunity to access large audiences and scalable niche markets. Promoting marketing campaigns on social network sites can be relatively cost-effective. Effective social networks include:



The world’s largest micro blogging network where people can promote short messages known as “Tweets” to the Twittersphere. Businesses have the option to promote their tweets for free. The free tweets have a 140-character limit and businesses can promote links and hashtags to their content. Twitter’s paid promotion (known as a Twitter Card) gives businesses the added benefit of including call to actions and a longer shelf life of the tweet.


Facebook news feed

There are several options that businesses can use to promote on Facebook. These include:

  • Promoting your business on your personal Facebook news feed.
  • Promoting your business through your personal Facebook’s private email.
  • Setting up a Facebook page and building likes to the page so you have your own community.
  • Boosting Facebook posts via paid promotions.
  • Promoting marketing campaigns on Facebook through the advertising platforms for apps, websites and video. You can also target Instagram through Facebook’s advertising platform.

Google Plus

Google+ Social Network

The Google Plus community continues to grow and can influence the growth of your business’s brand awareness over the long term. You can setup a Google Plus account for your personal and business profile. You will be able to amplify your business locally by getting it listed on Google Maps (and marketing the business through Google Places.) You will also be able to promote your business’s content in relevant Google Plus communities.


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LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with other business professionals, especially if you are targeting business-to-business clients. LinkedIn operates in a similar way to Facebook, whereby you can add other professionals and promote your business’s content through your personal and business profile’s news feed. There are paid advertising options that you can use, such as LinkedIn’s content promotion and display network. The setback is paid promotion on this social network can be quite expensive, with minimum cost-per-clicks starting from $4).

Other methods that can be used includes a monthly subscription where you can cold email prospects each month.

Send out press releases

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Press releases have been used traditionally to raise publicity for a business. When executed well, they can get your business featured in media outlets that have a large audience and it will also generate more interest and opportunities for your business. Drafting up a press release isn’t difficult and there are many sources online that you can use to develop one. However, the success of the press release will depend on the story that you are pitching. Identify a story angle that touches on human interest, business announcements, breaking news or PR commentary that could raise your business’s brand awareness and profile, as well as generate you free advertising across media publications.

Promote your business on Google

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Search marketing (through paid search and SEO) are other great ways to raise the brand profile of your business on the web. Get your web content appearing on search engines across relevant keywords. Search marketing can be done for free if you do it yourself or for a marginal fee if you use a freelancer or agency. For paid search marketing, you will get ad impressions for free, but you will pay each time the person clicks on the ad.

Enhancing the awareness of your business is achievable and scalable for businesses of any size, if they go through these direct brand awareness routes. Look into your business’s current marketing mix and identify new promotional opportunities that your business can leverage to grow awareness, recognition and value for the brand in the future.

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