All start-ups start with the intention to become one big name in their respective fields one fine day. However, this one fine day can come soon enough. In fact, start ups can soon be considered as a threat to the well established organizations, by just adopting a few marketing strategies that help them give an edge over others. Yes, a lot depends upon the approaches that a start up firm inculcates into the portals of their business.

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The only thing a start up organization has to worry about is not to waste any kinds of resources as they have a limited access to resources at the start. The best part about being a start up firm is that they are highly flexible in their approach. They can take the liberty to openly experiment, which helps them take an edge over the well-established organizations. In bigger organizations, all things follow a proper channel and a pre-defined protocol, which usually takes a lot of time. When you are a start up, you can do things as per your convenience and can alter protocols as and when needed.

Here are the marketing strategies that help start up firms pose competition to the bigger organizations:

Allocation of marketing budget well in advance

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In order to be able to draft a successful marketing strategy, it is highly important that a proper marketing budget be allocated well in advance. A proper marketing budget helps in using the resources as per the requisites of the product, for which the marketing strategy is being designed.

Once a proper budget is allocated, it makes it easier for the strategists to plan and execute the strategies. If the budget is not allocated at the very beginning, it may so happen that the strategist, develop a plan that needs more capital, which makes the situation awkward for the business in general. Instead of making changes to the marketing strategies later as per the budget, it is better to design the strategies by keeping the budget in mind initially. Thus, proper allocation of budget can help strategists to plan successful strategies for start-ups right from the very start.

Designing a plan that is well researched and growth oriented


It is very important for the start up firms that they envision about their growth, when marketing strategies are framed. The plan should be set as final only when it has been properly tested and researched. Research form a very strong basis for the designing the business strategies. It is very important that research is included at all levels, to know how and when the strategy is going to give the results that work in favour of the company.

Strategizing based on research and growth orientation, helps in better understanding of the loopholes and flaws of the marketing strategies in general. This helps in making the necessary changes to best suit the business needs and help in growth of the start up organizations largely.

Choose placement and timing correctly, and then boost it with creativity

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Remember even if you have a highly creative concept, and if you place it in the wrong place and at a wrong time, it is a terrible marketing mistake. On the contrary, an average idea at the right place and at the right time is likely to work wonders for your start up organization. It is important that your first priority as an organization is correct placement and time. However, creativity is important; it should still be considered as a boosting factor for the start-ups because for start-ups making an indispensible place for the self is most important.


Marketing strategies are important for the growth of the start-ups and this is the reason these have to be designed with utmost focus. A proper allocation of budget and extensive research is highly important.