In today’s time, the pressure of having an influential online image is maddening. Everyone is striving hard to create an online image that helps get most business revenue. This pressure forces the business planners to adopt strategies such as over posting, and being too pushy, over the social media portals. Although, this may provide you positive results in the shorter run, it can prove to be detrimental in the longer run.

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This is the reason why adopting a sensible social media strategy is very important. A sensible social media strategy gives your business a boost both in the short as well as in the longer run. The only way to combat this herculean pressure of having the most influential image online is to adopt sensible measures of using social media portals, and this is how you go about it:

Focus on quality over quantity

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Most people in today’s scenario value quality over quantity, especially when it comes to something posted online. Why, be a blabbermouth, and post something just for the sake of posting. This only shows, that you have nothing of real worth to post that has the potential to go viral on the internet. Excess of everything is bad; this applies to social media posts as well.

Though, it is a good habit to post regularly, it is also important that it be topped up with quality posts. Only when you post something of real and true worth to the readers, will they act accordingly in spreading a positive word of mouth about your business. Remember, nowhere quantity has overshadowed the effect of quality, and nor will it on the social media portals. Act smart and focus on quality, as this will fetch you more readership and increased profits.

Add distinctive elements to your posts

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With numerous competition in today’s time, and when everyone is resorting to social media strategies on a serious level, being different is the only thing that can actually make you stand out from the rest. Your aim should be to attract as many eyeballs as possible, and this can only happen when you add distinctiveness to your quality posts.

Since there will be a large number of people telling a similar story online, you will have to think of measures that can make you appear as a different storyteller in comparison to the rest. The art of being different is in the fabrication of the story, you so produce.

Do not buy followers and likes, earn them

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Be genuine; do not buy your followers and likes. This is only a short-term measure that will help you be noticed; soon will the people get to know about this foul tactic of yours. Once people come to know about this, your image is tainted badly, and then the recovery from it is surely not an easy job. One of the best measures of becoming popular online is to earn followers and likes. Create content that has the actual potential to earn a good name for you and the support then earned is long term and highly supportive for the future prospects as well.

Craft a different strategy for a different social media site

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Remember, the readership of every social media website is different. This brings out the need for designing a different social media strategy for different websites. You cannot aim to influence different type of users with a similar story. You will first have to understand the tastes and demand of readers of different social sites, in order to cater to them accordingly.


Social media is a very important measure for growing profits of business, which is why it makes it all the more important to adopt a social media strategy that is sensible and drafted as per the needs and tastes of readers of variant social sites.