Sillyoga, flexible chair-mat makes yoga a breeze

Considering the fact that our lives have gone more hectic and mentally fatiguing than ever before, it’s but obligatory to adopt Yoga to regain that perfect state of being so that we could brave all sort of situations with unparalleled ease and confidence. Even after including Yoga into their daily workout routine, people find it difficult to reap its rich benefits. Sometimes, it’s due to the lack of expert guidance; however, most of the time, we lack props that could help us do those seemingly difficult yoga poses without exerting too much.

Designed by Alejandra Anton, the Sillyoga is a chair-mat that aims to assist Yoga beginners do such yoga poses effortlessly. The chair draws its inspiration from the etymological origin of Yoga, i.e. Yuj, which further means union. The yoga chair has been fashioned out of a single piece. Made from very flexible material, the Sillyoga chair – chair-mat rather – flaunts a strong structure.

Just the perfect yoga prop for carrying out activities like nap, therapy, reading and yoga poses, the Sillyoga chair-mat touts organic and ergonomic lines, which clearly refers to the classic yoga positions. Have a look:


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