YogoMat to help you take your yoga sessions outdoors

Already garnering tremendous support at Kickstarter, the YogoMat still requires your contribution so that it could hit production lines soon. Thanks to its ability to fold up to the size of a wine bottle, the perfectly portable yoga mat is claimed to be the world’s smallest, cleanest, full-sized yoga accessory. Designed for yogis on the move, the YogoMat unfolds to a full-size mat (24″ x 68″) and weighs only 2 pounds, aside from flaunting a slip-resistant grip.

Users can rinse and hang-dry it anywhere by using its reversible straps. The reversible straps, when combined with a closed-cell rubber design, ensure that the YogoMat never touches the ground, so it ensures perfect protection against germs, viruses, molds and sweat. Entirely made from biodegradable, sustainably-harvested natural rubber, the recyclable yoga mat is manufactured locally in the USA (Oregon).

Donors will be rewarded with the YogoMat (either brick red mat and sand tan straps or stone gray mat and ember orange straps), the YogaStrap, the YogoBottle, YogoDrive or the YogoShirt.


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