Best gifts for yoga lovers

Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat

A yoga practitioner does not require much to practice yoga. However, certain items may help him make the experience more natural, pleasant and enjoyable. Therefore, if you wish to do some shopping for a yoga lover, you will sure find the below listed gift ideas usable.

Manduka MatWare Mat Sleeve

The Manduka MatWare Mat Sleeve is a surprisingly spacious, water-resistant bag that flaunts ventilate, structured mat compartment and accessory pockets. Made from recycled fabric, the Mat Sleeve provides superb protection to your mat thanks to a U-shaped zippered flap that ensures access to its structured interior. Yoga lovers may carry their essential yoga accessories in the external storage pocket, aside from storing their valuables in an inside safe compartment. Availabe for $70.00 at Manduka, it touts custom clips and rings for your keys, towel and water bottle as well.

Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat

For those yogis who seriously love to mix their workouts with music, nothing could be more valuable than having a yoga mat that produces soothing music once you plug your iPod or MP3 player into it. The Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat is one such portable accessory that features inbuilt speaker (a small one) that generates fairly audible sound when required. Moreover, the mat is a nice quality, thick, well designed and phthalate-free as well. Priced at $29.98, the Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat is, undeniably, the perfect gift for your yoga friend.

Cuddl Duds Fleecewear with Stretch

Yogis won’t ever suspend their yoga schedule even when it’s freezing cold outside. Instead, they would look for measures to keep their bodies warm and yoga-ready. Manufactured by Cuddl Duds, the Fleecewear with Stretch Hoodies helps them endure cold weather with utmost ease. Made from stretchy spandex fabric, the Fleecewear ensures you move your body in any direction you feel like. Available for $29.00, you may consider presenting the flexible outfit with the warmest layering option to your friend this year.

Folding Meditation Bench

Priced at $70.00, the Folding Meditation Bench ensures stability while it’s in use. You can carry this foldable bench wherever you like to since it’s extremely lightweight. What you need to do for carrying it is fold its legs and slip into your backpack or suitcase. Later, when you feel like using it, you may unfold it sans assistance. The Folding Meditation Bench comprises Alder hardwood legs and birch plywood top which are connected by heavy-duty hinges. Layers of foam and cotton batting are upholstered with cotton canvas and raw silk.

Take Control Trio

Available for $75.00 at 21 Drops, the Take Control Trio contains certain aromatherapy blends to help you fortify your determination, summon your resolve and resist from temptations. Dubbed as Strength, Will Power and Abstain, the essential oils help you face life’s adversities with extreme composure.

Yoga Travel Kit

The all-inclusive Yoga Travel Kit is a welcome gift for yoga lovers on the go. Priced at $49, the travel kit includes lightweight Tapas travel mat, 20 Jo-Sha individually wrapped mat-cleaning wipes and a guide to yoga poses, named Mini Yoga Fan.


Redefined by celebrity yoga and fitness trainer Mandy Ingber, the unique practice, as shown in the DVD, combines traditional yoga postures with toning exercise. Aside from featuring a short, 35-minute “Express” workout, the Yogalosophy DVD also features a longer “Fully Loaded” option and Breakout Segments. Available for $7.22 at Amazon, the comprehensive yoga DVD may help any yoga lover learn a few more yoga tricks.



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