Factors that play a role in choosing your masseuse or masseur

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Spa culture is extremely popular with most people around the world, considering it a getaway from their daily lives full of stresses, toxins and pollution. Considering this, spa centers and wellness resorts cater to their guests in most personalized manners and take immense care about their choices and preferences in all regards. The first and foremost preference that has to be kept in mind is that of the masseuse or masseur.

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There are a number of factors playing a vital role in the selection process of choosing between a male and a female massage therapist. This might be a matter of deep concern to some people and may include religious sentiments as well. Therefore, preference in choosing your spa therapist should be a very personalized option for all.

General scenario world over

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Current world scenario goes to highlight the fact that in today’s time both men and women opt for masseuses in almost all spa centers operating around the world. It is a known fact that majority of spa goers are females, this makes it one profound reason for more demand of female therapists over male practitioners. The report of American Spa Therapy Association states that 85 percent of spa therapists in the United States are women. This shows the clear inclination towards masseuses over masseurs throughout the world.

Inhibitions over choosing male therapists

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Both men and women have their own set of inhibitions when it comes down to choosing a male massage therapist over a female one. Most males fear being remarked as gay, if they choose a male therapist. They take this issue quite seriously and do not wish to put their macho image into doldrums, which is why they choose a female therapist. For females, the concerns over choosing a male therapist are different.

Most females do not feel safe in an erotic environment with unknown males, in spite of the fact that they are masseurs and are only present to perform their duties. Sexual and safety concerns have always played as an important factor in decision making, especially in scenarios like these. Women may also feel uncomfortable with a male therapist, worrying about little things like she might be judged for not having her legs waxed, or those stretch marks she bears will shatter her image, and concerns alike. All these factors together contribute to inhibitions related to choosing a masseur over a masseuse.

Religious sentiments play a key role


At times choosing between a male and a female massage therapist is not a matter of choice but a religious imposition. For Example, orthodox Jews practice the concept of negaih, which forbids them to have a physical contact with the opposite sex not related to them through blood or marriage. Similarly, Islam also discards the practice of touching a woman, who is not of the family, even with a barrier. These religious factors, culture and nationality has a major role to play in choosing a male or a female spa and massage therapist.

Reasons why few people prefer male massage therapists

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Although it seems that male therapists have no big relevance in most of the spas, however, this is not true. Male spa therapists have their own charm and are popular amongst women as well as men. Masseurs are preferred by female guests, who are open minded and headstrong in their approach; these women feel competitive in the presence of other females, which is why they choose male therapists. Few males also prefer having their massage from a male therapist because they feel a male therapist is in a better position to provide them a stronger massage, in comparison to a masseuse.


Choosing between a masseuse and a masseur is a very personal decision of all people as it is based on personal choices, religious sentiments and life approaches of people.

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