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Right from being a measure to improve lives, to being a profitable business idea, health spas have made it big in the portals of this globalized world. Today, health spas come as an escape from the daily stressful lives but most of us are reluctant about experiencing spa treatments owing to the mindset we possess. We often feel that spas are expensive treats and it is not feasible to spend huge amounts for a one-day session, however, this is not the real picture. Today we have numerous budget health spas operating worldwide, providing relishing spa experiences in addition to keeping your pockets happy.

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Here is a list to world’s most promising budget health spas of the world:

Maya Tulum wellness Retreat & Spa, Tulum, Mexico

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TripAdvsior has a very high rating of this spa resort. It is also one of the most highly rated resorts of Mexico, which has earned its global fame. It is indeed one of best affordable destination spas around the world. The guests here are given customizable services as per their demands. Spa rituals, yoga practices and treatments are performed with utmost finesse and perfection and all this topped with tropical food options and indigenous sweat lodges to relax yourself to bits.

Deerfield Spa, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

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This beautiful budget health spa is best known for providing fourteen strength and aerobic sessions at a stretch each day. The spa operates in the old Victorian home of the Joan Wolff’s family, and has been active since 1979. The neatly pleated fields and otherworldly spa experiences will want you to come back to this place more often.

The Biggest Loser Resort, Fitness Ridge, St. George, Utah

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The Biggest Loser resort is immensely serious about you using weight in big figures indeed. They aim to make you exercise to help you lose 1200 calories a day. The setting of the place though is not very elite, yet the services they provide are extraordinary. It is a twenty-room motel style resort with an outdoor pool.

Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, Eagle Beach, Aruba

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This resort is the place to experience typical tropical vacation, entrapped in heavenly scenic beauty. This two-storey boutique resort offers special yoga packages, helping you establish a deep bond with the tranquility of Mother Nature. Its affordable prices are an added benefit for the visitors, which is why a prior booking turns to be a wiser and a safer option.

DoceLunas Hotel & Spa, Jaco, Costa Rica

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DoceLucas is a budget health spa that has earned a lot many awards for the excellence in their field. It was rated in the top 25 bargains in Central America. In addition to this, it has earned three honors, in the Trip Advisor’s Travelers Awards in 2012. This place is often termed as a favorite getaway of Costa Rica. The whooshing jungle gardens, the intimate hotel features and the relaxing spa treatments together make a great enticement for the people.

Grail Springs Heath & Wellness Spa, Bancroft, Ontario

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This affordable spa resort is located on Chalice Lake in Ontario and the best feature about this spa center is that it exclusively features gourmet vegan cuisine. This excellent spa is home to local magnetically charged mineral water springs, and is best known for offering long term and all inclusive retreat packages.

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, Queensland, Australia

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This is on organic wellness center that has put high emphases on rejuvenation and making lives healthier. They offer great packages that include various features such as Detox programs, spa treatments, wellness activities, stress reduction seminars and programs, and more. The crystal steam rooms and themed treatment rooms have majorly been a great attraction for the visitors from world over. This spa sanctuary is simply world class with most affordable prices that comes as a pleasant surprise to all.


Budget health spas have become increasingly popular and have been operating throughout the world. These are best known for providing relaxing spa treatments at nominal and affordable prices.

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