Connecting and growing together with Partner Yoga

Spending quality time with loved ones makes one feel happy content. One can find many ways to stay connected to family, friends, or someone special. But how is the idea of doing yoga with your partner. It is an amazing idea for the people who do not have much time to spend with their loved ones. Partner yoga allows spending some good time with your partner making both of you healthy.

Partner yoga is something that to do with anybody and not just for the couple. It may be friends, family, or any other person who are comfortable doing yoga with you. All you need to have a partner with good understanding.

Benefits of Partner yoga

Partner yoga has the ability to strengthen the relationship between the two. While performing yoga, it becomes essential to support each other. Supporting each other is essential, as yoga demands balance and aligning of the body. Furthermore, partner yoga boosts the trust factor among the partners. While learning to trust other person, it gives the chance to first trust you. It is the trust on oneself that makes you do even the tougher yoga poses. Apart from building trust, it breaks the barriers between the partners.

If the relationship between the two is not good, partner yoga can help break all the barriers as intimacy is at its peak when doing yoga with the partner. If the partner is lover, this yoga can create stronger bonds and chance of survival of such relationship becomes powerful.

To perform partner yoga, it is essential to know yoga poses correctly. Here are few yoga poses to stay connected with your partner.

Partner twist

Start by sitting crossed legs at the ankles and back touching your partner’s back. Hold your knee with one hand and put other hand on the thigh of your partner. Now inhale and straighten your spine. Hold in the position for few minutes and then turn other side repeating the same. It should be a proper twist towards the partner, as twist helps in cleansing the body, also boosts playfulness between the two.

Seated forward bend

Sit with straight legs and touch the soles of the partner by yours. Now bend forward while sitting and hold the arms of other person. Once you have nice hold on other person arms, try to touch knees with nose. But make sure none of you are feeling any pain or discomfort that can stress the muscles. Forward bend allows stretching the muscles, which is good for both legs and spine. Besides that, it boosts intensity level as soon as both touch the soles of feet and encourages the jolly nature of the person.

Half lotus pose

Simple and easy pose that help one aligning the body. Start by sitting with touching the partner’s back with your own. Now cross the legs and form a half lotus position with arms and hands relaxing forward. Touching the back of the partner will work on your posture and a perfect opportunity to come close to your partner.

Partner tree pose

As the name suggests, this pose is similar to shape of a tree. Both must stand facing forward while balancing on one leg and folding the other to rest on other thigh. Once maintaining balance on one foot, next step is to touch the shoulders with the partners. Try balancing upper part of the body on other person, placing arm around their waist. Partner tree pose enables a person to maintain the balance of the body. Besides that, this pose boosts trust, as the partner is there to hold you in case you fall.


Partner yoga is a new way of making relationships better, apart from providing good health to people. When people come close and spend time together, it boosts energy in their relationship.

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