Alexander Technique offers express corrective measures for body and posture

The Alexander Technique is related to improving the postures and movements that promotes the efficient use of muscles. This technique came into being with the efforts of an Australian actor, Frederick Matthias Alexander in 1980s. He visited a number of doctors for treatment of laryngitis, but in vain.

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One day, he realized that the symptoms he experienced were in direct connection to the excessive tension that stemmed from his poor posture, and tensed the muscles, especially in his neck. He then developed a method of speaking and moving that treated his chronic condition. He further shared his knowledge around in the world, to make this method of treatment available to all.

Alexander technique is a procedural practice of positioning of the head and spine in a manner that it corrects the imbalances. These imbalances are the results of poor postures and tensions. Alexander technique rectifies these bad posture habits and helps in inculcating healthy movements through body and breathing orientations, increasing fluid movements in the body that are tension free.

Alexander technique can help treat the following conditions

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This technique is largely helpful for people who pursue dance, music, and acting. This practice enables the person to adopt body movements and breathing patterns that play a vital role in enhancing their performances. It helps incorporate stronger balance, ease and fluidity helping the performer feeling more energized and oxidized. This technique is highly helpful in treating chronic pains, chronic tensions, muscle strains and more.

Visit to the practitioner

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When you visit the practitioner for availing benefits of Alexander technique, you might be asked to perform normal and routine tasks of the ordinary day. These routine tasks may include working on the computer, writing, talking over the phone etc. The practitioner then observes your movements to figure out what is causing tension in the body. The practitioner may use his gentle hands to release the tension.

This technique does not propagate routine exercises, instead the individual needs and requirements are catered to on a personal basis. Each individual is treated differently as per the requirements of the body. The treatment sessions are generally of the duration of an hour and can be directed towards a home care program if the need be.

Applicable to all circumstances

Lower Back Pain

Since this technique does not physically tax the body, it is applicable to all individuals and under all conditions. This is highly beneficial for those who suffer from pains and stress owing to improper movements. In case you suffer from breathing difficulties, instability, high or low blood pressures or heart diseases you should inform the practitioner well in advance. The practitioner needs to be well versed with your medical history to prescribe and start the Alexander Technique.

Alexander therapy in conjunction with other therapies


This therapy works well in conjunction with other therapies such as various massages, acupuncture, physical therapies, chiropractic and many more. Alexander technique has a high focus on the alignment of the bodily postures and can produce best results with the practice of yoga and massages.

Practices such as yoga instill in the body the elements of core strengths and flexibility that positively aids the Alexander techniques. These mind and body therapies work well with the effects of the Alexander technique helping one recover from bodily stresses and tensions and rejuvenating the self in most effective manners. This is the reason why most of the practitioners perform the technique in addition to various therapies known to ease the body.


Alexander technique is one of the most effective techniques known to improve the body alignment and release the stresses and tensions in the body that causes chronic pains.

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