Accessorize your yoga time with a Yoga Block


Yoga is all about doing right asana and poses. With the passing time, one grows with yoga and attains the flexibility that is required. It is a little tough for beginners to maintain the flexibility while performing various asana. One question that strikes the mind is that is it possible for the beginners to achieve the flexibility. Yes with the help of some equipment, one can reach that elasticity that they always wanted to perform yoga.

Yoga block is additional yoga equipment that is important for beginners, but advanced practitioners can use it as well. It provides the support to body parts that enable a person to perform even complicated poses of yoga. If you are new to yoga and do not know to choose a perfect yoga block, then here are few tips that might help you in getting one.

Focus on choosing right material

Almost all the yoga blocks will give you the same results. The only difference that one may find is the material of the block. Traditionally yoga blocks were made of wood and bricks. But these were heavy material that caused a lot of pain while moving it from one place to another. Now due to this reason, these blocks are made of durable foam blocks that are lightweight and easily portable. Wood, cork, and polyethylene are popular for making blocks these days. Depending upon the choice of a person, one can select any material for their yoga blocks.

Pick appropriate size

Surely, there are different sizes of yoga blocks available in the market, but choosing the right one is necessary. Pick appropriate size of block for the perfect grip. A block with good grip will not only enable one to perform yoga poses easily but also provides comfort to do it. Besides that, considering hand size is essential to select the accurate yoga block. If hand size of the person is big or small as compared to block, then it may not provide the grip you want.

Consider the weight of the yoga block

Considering weight is important to select a good block for practicing yoga. A heavy weight yoga block is better when it comes to selecting blocks. It is because blocks with heavy weight are less shaky when performing yoga and provides better grip. Lightweight on the other hand are easy to carry. Lightweight are better when one do not like carrying heavy weight blocks. Some people like to work out with heavy blocks while some other chooses lightweight. In the end, it is the choice of a person to select one from them.

Variety of colors

With the variety of colors available, it is easy to choose the favorite color of yoga block. All these bright colors give person a fresh and bright feeling. Nobody wants to start day with boring and dull colors. That is why blocks are available in variety of colors like pink, purple, blue, green, and red. One can pick a color that matches to yoga mat or your yoga dress. Choosing unique color will help in recognizing the block, if lost.


Yoga blocks must be quite durable, as it has to bear pressure of the body. Choosing high quality block might help and it will last long as compared to the cheap ones. It is better to spend little more money on high quality products as it performs better and will help in long run.


Yoga blocks are very helpful to maintain the flexibility and comfort and allows person to perform yoga poses better, especially beginners. Apart from providing elastic body, it helps body to align properly. This additional yoga equipment is definitely helpful for the people who are new to yoga.

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