A Guide to Wellness Resort Cottages and Villas – Definition, Features, Planning, Design, Benefits, and More

A Guide to Wellness Resort Cottages and Villas – Definition, Features, Planning, Design, Benefits, and More

Cottages and villas in wellness resorts have carved a special nicheas they go very well with nature. You can immerse yourself in the relaxed surroundings and enjoy other services undisturbed.

Popular wellness resorts worldwide offer amazing accommodations with unique designs and architecture. In this wellness tourism guide, we will explore different aspects of villas and cottages in wellness resorts. We will talk about their benefits and other amenities that create delightful wellness tourism experiences.

If you run an existing resort or a wellness resort startup, this guide will give you valuable inputs to help you set up the most sought-after accommodations. You will see year-round occupancy and emerge as a popular wellness tourism brand. Join us on this journey of discovery and escape to a world of tranquility and bliss.

A Guide to Wellness Resort Cottages and Villas – Definition, Features, Planning, Design, Benefits, and More

What are cottages, villas, and chalets in wellness resorts?

beautiful-view-of-tropical-cottage-or-tropical-wooden-house-summer-cabin-A typical cottage is a small and cozy house with traditional features and designs unique to a specific destination. The term ‘cottage’ originally is a British word to describe countryside or semi-rural locations. A slanting roof, low ceiling, small porch, and traditional chimneys are common features of traditional cottages. Cottages in wellness resorts are mainly 1-2-roomed with ample space and other modern amenities.

Villas are standalone living units much bigger than cottages. It is likely to have multiple bedrooms, and dedicated spaces for entertainment, kitchen and dining, private outdoor spaces like pools, fitness areas, a garden, and a bigger porch. Villas are upscale luxurious accommodations suitable for bigger families, groups, or couples looking for a romantic getaway.

You will also find chalets in wellness resorts that are similar to cottages. These are also cozy nests made of wood with characteristic alpine features. You will find them in the mountainous Ski Resorts. Normally, chalets are smaller than villas or cottages with 1-2 bedrooms, a living space, and a kitchenette.

An attractive feature of chalets is the woody interiors and fireplace which enhances the cozy and intimate ambiance.  Couples and small families seeking charming wellness experiences often book chalets. Their demand soars in summer months as people crazily look for cool and refreshing escapes from the heat.

What are the differences between cottages and villas in wellness resorts?

 Happy Man And Woman Enjoying Honeymoon At Tropical Villa

The main difference between cottages and villas is their size. A small cottage generally has 1 or 2 floors with living space at the ground and bedrooms on the upper floor.  The living space on the ground floor can accommodate a small kitchen.

Villas can have many floors and include an attic or a basement. The layout of cottages is simple which differs a lot in villas. Traditionally, cottages are built with stone, bricks, or cob. Cobs are big masses of construction materials like mud but contain earth, sand, clay, straws of wheat and oat, and other bio-degradable materials.

However, modern cottage-style accommodations mostly use common construction materials.Villas are also built using similar materials but use more brick, stone, and other advanced materials to make them long-lasting and easily maintainable.

Thatched roofs are unique in cottages. You will find them in typical English cottages. These thatched roofs made from long wheat straws have wonderful waterproofing capacity and can last for centuries. Modern upscale cottages in eco-wellness resorts also have thatched roofs made of bamboo and straw. You will find them more in beachside resorts. High-quality sustainable materials and advanced maintenance techniques have made this cottage design more popular in wellness resorts.

Modern villas have spectacular roof designs that make them stand out from others. Stylish tiles covering the villas give that elegant look. Wellness resort villas use customized tiles made from locally available sustainable materials to give a natural aesthetic look, which guests look for.

Evolution of cottages in the hospitality industry

Water villas in hotel resort

Cottages are not modern additions to the hospitality industry. It has a long history dating back to several centuries. These small modest accommodations were once the shelters for farmers and rural workers. After the day’s toil, they used cottages to sleep and keep their tools and equipment.

Gradually when travel became more common to spend leisure time, these cottages got repurposed to accommodate guests. These cottages were located out of the city in scenic locations like lush meadows, mountains, woods, and beach sides. Their rustic charm and features made them more appealing to travelers.

Over time, these cottages become more popular as accommodation options for travelers seeking secluded and intimate experiences. Modernization of hospitality added more features, services, and amenities converting these rustic dwelling units into luxurious upscale accommodations for discerning travelers.

How did cottages and villas step into wellness hospitality?

Beauty Spa Treatment-Smiling masseur is massaging a woman at spa on outdoor

Wellness experiences mean a great sensory experience. Wellness travelers love to be closer to nature to enjoy it.  Therefore, the accommodation, services, amenities, and facilities must be in sync with the outdoor nature to offer guests a seamless immersive wellness experience.  Cottages and villas have become an integral feature in wellness tourism where the design and features are aligned with guests’ wellness goals.

Guests discovered a real haven for relaxation and rejuvenation in the tranquil settings of nature. They could enjoy everything as per their wish. The hospitality designers tapped into these travel emotions by making lucrative arrangements. Destinations are making the best use of local resources in building these cottages and villas with a sustainability outlook.

What are the expected features of wellness resort cottages and villas?

Cottage Facade And PathwayWellness resorts and cottages are aimed at promoting relaxation, rejuvenation, and well-being. Therefore, its prime features are likely as follows:

Serene natural surroundings

This is the first and foremost requirement. You will find wellness resort cottages and villas mostly located in lush green valleys, plains and mountains. Serene tranquil beaches circled by azure waters are also top spots. Guests get a peaceful and serene environment to relax and unwind.

Unique design and architecture

holidaying in a cottageThis is one of the biggest attractions of wellness resort cottages and villas. The interior décor and architecture depict traditional and local craftsmanship.  Local materials like wood, timber, plant fiber, earthen materials, and hand-woven fabrics and items are used to enhance the design aesthetics.

Private outdoor spaces

It could be a spacious porch, garden, balcony, or pool equipped with modern amenities. Guests can spend time alone or with friends and families enjoying the crisp air and fresh nature. A swing on the porch or a hammock in the garden often makes relaxation more enjoyable.

Wellness spaces

meditating-Fashion-woman-mixed-raceCottages and villas in wellness resorts have easily accessible wellness spaces where guests can go for yoga, meditation, and other mind-body practices. You might find a nicely designed yoga machan or meditation deck in proximity to the cottages. These are mostly open-air spaces allowing guests to follow their wellness regime as they wish. Guided sessions are also available on demand.

Fitness Facilities

Young girl, fitness instructor teaches stretching and yoga. Group for beginners to do sports, stretching. Healthy lifestyle and fitness.

Some spacious cottages and villas have provisions for private fitness facilities tailormade to the guests’ needs. Guests can carry on their fitness regime even being away from their homes.

Healthy dining

Smiling woman with vegetables fresh from the farm

Organic gardens around the cottages and villas in wellness resorts create rewarding farm-to-fork dining experiences. Guests enjoy exploring the farms plucking the produce of their choice and handing it over to chefs to create delicious nutritious meals

Spa facilities

Masseuse using wooden roller and taking good care of her client’s body

Spas are essential in almost wellness resorts. Spacious cottages and villas often accommodate a private spa and jacuzzi for guests for an exclusive pampering experience. These are mainly meant for couples looking for highly intimate wellness experiences.

Games court

Sports, badminton and woman play game, fitness competition and practice match for outdoor tournament. Exercise, wellness and healthy athlete hit shuttlecock in performance workout on training court

You might find badminton or volleyball courts attached to the villas and cottages in some wellness resorts. Guests especially those with a big group can spend entertaining moments playing these games.

Hi-tech connectivity

Young female freelancer sitting near the pool with her laptop. Busy at holidays. Distant work concept. Copy space for your text.

Wellness resort cottages and villas also offer high-speed Wi-Fi and other entertainment systems to ensure guests enjoy all comforts of home. Not all guests will prefer a digital diet and remain unplugged from the digital world. Guests on workcation, staycation, or wellness sabbatical plug in and unplug as per their work demands while enjoying the secluded retreat.

Dedicated concierge

customer services in wellness resortsThis is a premium service available in high-end cottages and villas that further ensures guests’ privacy and personalization. You can ask for anything to fulfill your wellness vacationing objectives.

Why cottages and villas in Wellness Resorts are popular?

Sensual young woman sitting next to the swimming pool and enjoying in sun rays.In short, cottages and villas provide a holistic and immersive wellness ambience to guests seeking physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual well-being. How? Let us check the following.

More privacy and seclusion

Remember, today most wellness travelers are stressed out and fatigued. They prefer to unplug from the external world and technology and focus on self-rejuvenation and relaxation. Cottages and villas offer the highest level of privacy compared to hotel rooms.

You won’t bump into some other guests while crossing lobbies or gardens. You enjoy a more intimate and peaceful experience in your own private space.

Enjoy wellness in your own way

Direct and indirect experiences with natureA great wellness experience needs more space. Even the most spacious hotel rooms do not allow the desired sensory engagement. Cottages and villas in wellness resorts offer bigger private spaces and better amenities where you can walk out of the room to spend time in nature as you wish.

You take a plunge in the private pool or enjoy the choicest food in private kitchens. You engage yourself in wellness in your own way. You feel at home away from home.

Gives a sense of escape

The ulterior motive of choosing a wellness resort cottage or villa is to escape from the daily stress of the outer world. Guests love this detachment. They immerse themselves in the serene environment and focus on reclaiming their well-being. The secluded privacy of cottages and villas creates the perfect escape ambience.

Unique Design and Architecture

biophilic-design-in-a-resortThe biggest attraction lies in the resort’s design and architecture which upholds local traditional craftsmanship and complement the natural surroundings. All these features enhance the sense of well-being. Biophilic design in wellness resorts has a significant influence on guests’ well-being, and these can be best integrated into cottages and villas.

Fosters bonding

In this fast-paced world, families hardly get time to sit together, talk together, eat together, and make fun together. Everybody is pushing hard toward their self-goals, which seldom cross paths. Enjoying with friends seems to be a distant dream.

Cottages and villas in wellness resorts also appeal to families where members can find quality time to bond. They can stay in proximity in villas while still maintaining individual space and privacy.

Allows a more personalized experience

Couple of lovers in a beautiful villa with swimming pool in a tropical climate location - Happy people on a summer vacation, influencers enjoying a luxury resortWellness tourism is revolving around personalization. Guests want a hassle-free experience in meeting their unique needs. Cottage and villa-styled accommodations facilitate this by providing more flexibility to customize their offerings.

Gives a sense of exclusivity and luxury

You enjoy a heightened sense of exclusivity and luxury that conventional luxurious hotel rooms cannot offer. When you are getting a private space and personalized service, it makes you feel special and exclusive. It generates positive emotions that make it highly appealing to guests seeking a luxurious wellness experience.

Promote eco-friendliness and sustainability

Sustainable farmingSustainable and regenerative travel is trending. Discerning travelers are more conscious of sustainable tourism and are mindful of their choices. Cottages and villas use eco-friendly sustainable building materials to preserve the natural harmony. Many of them promote local farming to support our planet and community in many ways. You can also avail of the option of growing your own food through proper deals with the resort.

What are the different types of cottages and villas in wellness resorts?

There is nothing fixed, the innovation is on to cater to the changing needs of wellness travelers. Here are some of the types that you can expect:

1. Standard Cottages

Standard CottageThis is the basic form of cottages in wellness resorts with a spacious bedroom, washroom, living space, and a small porch outside. It may not have a private pool, garden, or spa facility.

2. Deluxe Cottages and Villas

Deluxe Cottage

These are typically larger in size with more luxurious amenities. These have several bedrooms and dedicated living and kitchen-dining spaces, private outdoor spaces and a spa.

3. Premium Cottages and Villas


These are the most luxurious cottages and villas you will find in a wellness resort. Cottages may have two floors with more than one bedroom and dedicated private spaces. Premium villas may have suites including a kitchenette and dining space, an indoor jacuzzi, a hot tub, sauna, and a dedicated spa. Private outdoor facilities may include a shower, pool, garden, games court, etc.

4. Eco-friendly cottages and villas

Eco-friendly cottages and villasThese cottages and villas made from environmentally sustainable materials have heightened the charm of wellness resorts. Wellness travelers love it! The building materials are mostly from locally available materials and can include solar panels, water harvesting and recycling systems, power-saving devices, etc.

5. Family Cottages and Villas


These are neither too big nor too small but good enough to accommodate standard families. As multigenerational travel picks up, these types of accommodations with additional bedrooms, spaces, and other facilities sell fast.

6. Pet-friendly cottages and villas

A relaxed cat lies in its lair and watches what's going on around it.

These may not be ubiquitous but the numbers are growing. These cottages and villas in wellness resorts have separate provisions for pet comforts. It might include a small attached room outside the cottage with a pet bed and other facilities. Guests can enjoy their wellness experience without worrying for their pets.

Emerging prefabricated cottages and villas in wellness resorts


Prefabricated cottages and villas are the recent introductions in the world of wellness resorts. The popularity of these innovative constructions stems from a unique mix of elegance, convenience, and sustainability. The best part is that it can seamlessly integrate into nature without distorting the essence of wellness.

Expert designers after an initial site visit create the layout plan for the resort and design characteristic villas and cottages upholding the essence of the wellness of the proposed site. These structures are built off-site in a factory-controlled environment with sustainable materials ensuring their durability.

Prefabricated cottages have the following benefits:

  • Enables speedier and more efficient construction enabling wellness resorts to be operational in a shorter time frame.
  • Factory-controlled construction means lesser environmental pollution at the site keeping the natural settings intact.
  • Offers a wider range of customization in layout design, amenities, number of rooms, eco-friendly design, etc.
  • High-quality materials are used after a rigorous quality check to ensure sustainability.
  • No additional maintenance cost is needed.

Days are not far when most of the wellness resorts in the world will opt for prefabricated cottages and villas to provide an exceptional wellness experience to guests.

How do cottages and villas help in immersive wellness experiences?

Woman getting spa treatment at tropical resortThe enchanting cottages and villas create the perfect setting for immersive wellness experiences. These charming havens go beyond mere accommodation. They take you to the world of wellness. As you step into your private sanctuary, you feel tranquility and harmony in every corner. A soothing natural ambiance wraps you as you breathe in the fresh air.

You are in a different world free from noise and tension. You feel gradually slipping into the state of ultimate relaxation. Your senses get immersed in sights and sounds from the natural surroundings. It could be the twitter of birds or the sound of rippling water and rustling of leaves, the feel of the gentle breeze, or the pleasant warmth of stars. You feel awe and wonder at every turn. You need not push yourself to wellness activities, the environment drives you gently. The luxurious setup and thoughtful design help you unwind at your own pace. Your mind gets soaked in eternal bliss!

How Dr Prem & Associates can help in planning cottages and villas in wellness resorts

Wellness Resort Consultancy, Design, Marketing and Planning Services

Dr Prem, a globally-recognized wellness expert and consultant brings a wealth of experience to help you in creating wonderful cottages and villas for your wellness resort. He has travelled to 65+ countries and consulted many reputed wellness resorts in India and all over the world. If you are eager to improve your wellness resort’s performances, Dr Prem and Associates is the go-to wellness resort consultancy firm. Dr Prem has all the expertise to provide you end-to-end guidance for setting up cozy tranquil cottages or luxurious villas.

Design conceptualization

resort designer at work

Each and every resort is unique in its own merit and target audience. Dr Prem’s team of talented architects and designers will work with you for design conceptualization that aligns with your mission and vision. They will ensure seamless integration of immersive wellness, natural settings, and the cottage design to spark guests’ delight at every moment.

Efficient space utilization

Young woman doing yoga

The size and number of cottages and villas matter in a specific area. Too less may create isolation and too many may hamper the seamless experience. Efficient space utilization in wellness resorts with the right number of functional accommodation units is vital.

The design team’s expertise in meticulous planning of private and outdoor spaces covering pools, gardens, lawns, walking spaces, porches, sitting areas, and dwelling spaces makes each cottage and villa mind-blowing. You get the wellness vibe at every square foot.

Immersive Wellness Amenities

Interior of vintage massage room with nature light source from window, Thailand

Amenities in wellness resort cottages and villas are supportive of wellness experiences. Dr Prem’s team curates wellness-centric amenities in sync with the surroundings. From curated living spaces for secluded mind-body programs to luxurious wellness spa, the team consciously incorporates elements that promote relaxation and rejuvenation through holistic wellness experiences.

Establishing sustainable practices

sustainability is a priorityIn wellness experience, sustainability is a priority. Dr Prem offers guidance to incorporate sustainable eco-friendly practices in every aspect of planning and designing wellness resort cottages and villas. The use of eco-friendly materials and sustainable resource management and utilization are prime considerations.

Subtle nuances can make a big impact on wellness experiences. Many wellness resorts miss this part. Dr Prem’s sharp insights have helped top wellness resorts in the world see better margins without doing too much. If you wish to scale new highs in your wellness resort business, reach out to us.


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