Yoga for Memory

Before discussing the benefits of yoga that help better your memory, let’s first understand the concept of memory. Memory is a very important factor that allows an individual to retain and recall information from the past and present experiences. It is very important to understand that memory is not just a storage of information it also allows one to assimilate and analyze information stored. Memory power is very essential and it varies from person to person.

The ancient Hindu practice that establishes a balance within you is Yoga. Yoga practices help an individual attain higher consciousness. Many people think that memory of an incident occurred a long time back is practically lost, but according to the yoga-sutras by Patanjali, memory of all experiences in your life is never lost.

  • Yoga and Memory

Yoga and memory have an indisputable link. While memory helps to retain and recall the information, yoga practices improve the memory power through many techniques and meditation. The brain is linked with many functions such as attention, recognition, processing the information and visual perception. All of these are improved by yoga techniques.

  • How Yoga helps?

Many yoga practices like asanas, pranayama, meditation and Om chanting improves the blood circulation in the brain. When memory is stored for a long time it is very difficult to recall and people eventually think it’s lost, but yoga helps to calm the mind and improves concentration skills that ultimately enhances the power to recapitulate. The power of mind is limitless and with yoga anyone can access it.

  • Components to improve memory
  1. Asanas: It is the combination of different position and posture that helps brain with increased blood supply and oxygen that ultimately helps in developing memory.
  2. Pranayama: Many deep breathing techniques improve the circulation of oxygen in many parts of the body and the brain helps increasing memory power.
  3. Meditation: Meditation is the technique that helps to clear the mind and reduce unwanted or excessive thinking. The excessive thinking reduces metal energy and meditation helps you to clear your mind. Meditating on the center of the eyebrow helps in activating the brain cells and hence improves memory.
  4. “Om” chanting: The chanting creates a vibration that helps in recharging the cells of the body and brain. Only 30 minutes of chanting can help you to improve your memory power.
  • Yoga Practices

There are two main asanas that help in improving the memory such as the Vrikshasana or the tree pose and Natarajasana or the dancer’s pose.

In Pranayama the main deep breathing exercise is the Anuloma Viloma also called as alternate nostril breathing. It facilitates the circulation of oxygen in the body and brain and helps in improving memory.

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