Understanding breema bodywork

Breema Bodywork is a new form of massage therapy that uses body movements and tactility. It is included and a form of massage therapy. The purpose of the therapy is to increase the energy in the body and to balance it well with the present conditions.

Breema Therapies are of 2 forms:


Self Breema Exercise

This includes gentle body exercises such as stretches. It also creates a natural association of the body and mind with the surrounding. This creates an optimum balance between the physical and mental health.

Body Work

This is a session where the person needs to lay down on the floor fully dressed either on a cushioned surface or a massage cushion mat. This session includes movements such as tension reliving stretches and poses along with muscle pulls. It is conducted to stretch the muscles of the body slowly and gently.
Breema Exercises include 9 principles:


Body comfort: These exercises instead of focusing on a few ailing points consider healing the body as a whole. The body gets completely healed leaving no discomfort after the therapy.

Firm and gentle mode of treatments: The modes of technique used in Breema exercises are both firm and gentle. Each pressure is applied in unison.

Mutual support: Breema therapy is both the give and take of support, both of the therapist and the client.

Natural rhythm: It is a silent and calm procedure which does not include any fast movements. It should be done in natural rhythm without any breaks taken.


No force applied: These movements are gentle and delicate. Extra force might damage the tissue or body part.

Unique movement for different methods: Every function or method has its own individual movement.

Non-judgmental environment: This therapy is conducted in places where the patient feels relaxed and confident. Since it is conducted when your full dressed, the patient doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Complete participation: This technique demands conscious participation by the patient too. It includes involvement of mind, body and the feelings of the patient.

No extras: Breema therapy compliments the patient’s feelings well. It helps him/her to express themselves absolutely.

Every session brings in a coalition between the mental clarity and physical relaxation of the patient. It eases out the emotions and releases pain and stress.


Breema sessions are easy methods of relaxation. They bring in the physical and mental state of the patient together, thus creating peace and harmony internally.

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