Tips to clean yoga mat without using the chemicals


Yoga has become very popular in both the oriental and western countries. It is actually an ancient Indian method of keeping fit and maintaining the balance among body, mind and spirit. For practicing yoga, one should buy a good quality yoga mat and try to keep it clean at all times. Every yoga lover has a yoga mat for performing the different yoga poses. The yoga mats easily accumulate dirt, sweat and germs. They become grimy from regular use and starts stinking.

The foul smell is enough for distracting you during the yoga sessions. If you cannot focus on your body movements and perform yoga correctly then it will not be effective or beneficial for you.

Many yoga lovers hate the smell of the chemical cleaners available in the market. If you too are one of them then it is best to utilize the natural cleansers and homely remedies to kill the stinky smell.

The best base for cleaning your yoga mat is distilled or purified water. The tap water or ground water is not entirely clean like the distilled water. The purified water is cleaner even than the water of the filter machines. Using such water makes it easier for yoga lovers to clean the mats. The distilled water does not contain herbicides, pesticides, contaminants or sediments of any kind. That is why it is able to clean faster and in a more effective manner.

Water is a good base for making a homely cleanser for your matter but you must remember that it does not have any germ killing or deodorizing properties. Another great homely ingredient for cleaning the yoga mat is vinegar. Vinegar is made through an elaborate process of fermenting the sugars and starches.

You can get vinegar at any nearby dollar store or departmental store. It is acidic in nature and that is why good as a cleaning agent. This non-toxic substance is able to kill germs and reduces the stinky smell of the yoga mats. Get a sprayer, fill it with vinegar, and distilled water solution.

Rub the mixture off after 20 to 30 minutes. You can also use essential oils for disinfecting and cleaning the yoga mats. You can choose from a wide variety of sweet smelling essential oils that are completely natural. The best essential oils for cleaning the yoga mats are tea, lavender, lemon, peppermint and citrus oils.


Natural and home based cleansers can clean stinky yoga mats very easily. Anyone can use some common and easily available ingredients for making homely cleansers.

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