How physical therapies can help heal sports injuries

Sports injuries can range from slight sprain to severe dislocation of bones. If not healed with care it can impair an athlete for life. Sports injuries have ruined the career of many athletes due to the lack of proper treatments and attention. The muscles and bones need to be nourished and cured completely before a sportsman goes back to his usual routine of practice. Excessive workout, little or no warm-up can lead to sports injuries very easily.


Physical therapy is beneficial and effective in curing sports injuries and restoring your health completely. The physical therapists are trained to evaluate the depth and nature of an injury and they suggest physical movements, stretching movements and exercises to make your muscles, bones and tendons as flexible as they were before. For proper physical therapy you will have to find out a licensed physical therapy practitioner.

As soon as you feel intense pain during training or practice session you will have to stop. Repetitive stress on an injured joint can cause more harm than good. You should immediately go to a skilled doctor and get an X-ray done to determine the level of damage.  The sports injuries may need surgery. After surgery the wounded place is not completely healed and you need a special care to rehabilitate your body muscles and tendons.


Physical therapists do not pressurize injured body parts. They cautiously increase the intensity of movements to heal the wounds. Of course it is advisable that you ask your doctor’s permission before getting physical therapy. In cases of major operations and atrophy or inactivity of muscles the doctors suggest physical therapy for months. Physical therapy is not a magic wand but it can ease the pain and decrease the chances of further damage. It revitalizes your muscles, tendons and bones so that you can once again get back to your active life.

Always communicate your expectations and needs to your physical therapists. You can learn doing the physical exercises they prescribe for a week or two and then try them at home on your own. Try to understand the benefits of particular movements so that you can gain the maximum benefit from them. Scar tissues are thick tissues that look ugly and also disrupt your movements. Physical therapy can prevent the formation of scar tissues if started early.

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