Massage therapies help you lose weight without reining your taste buds

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Obesity has turned into a global epidemic. Unhealthy food habit and bad lifestyle are the two basic reasons that cause obesity. Most people find it hard to lose weight once they have become obese. Obesity reduces your working ability and makes your life difficult. Your peers jeer at you and you start losing your self-confidence. Some people make the mistake of starving themselves but it does not help them lose weight. Too much exercise and crazy dieting are not at all good for your health. One great, painless way of losing your body fat is to get massage therapies from an expert masseur. Massage is popular because it relaxes our body muscles and gives temporary relief from stress. Recently it has been found that massage can help you lose body fat without any dieting, exercising or invasive surgery.


Bad food habits are partially influenced by stress. Many people seek comfort in food when they feel mentally disturbed. Both men and women binge on foods that are high in salt, sugar and fat when they are stressed due to family problem or work pressure. The stressors produce a hormone named cortisol in our body. This hormone boosts the storage of fat in abdomen and other body parts. Due to the activity of cortisol hormone and unnecessary binging people become overweight. Massage can provide relief from stress.

People who have to go through heavy stress should take massage therapies instead of binging on unhealthy foods. It has been scientifically proven that an hour long massage therapy can make you feel relaxed and decrease the level of cortisol hormone in your blood. Massage therapy can also lower the level of insulin in blood and enhances the blood circulation. Low cortisol level can reduce the amount of stored body fat. You should get massage therapy from the experts. Amateurs will not know which type of massage therapy their body requires, as there are many different types of massage therapies available.


Body massage therapy promotes your overall good health and well-being. The parasympathetic nervous system gets stimulation from massage therapies and it releases endorphin hormone in our body. This hormone creates a feeling of happiness in our mind. This way massage removes stress and makes you feel good. Incorporating massage in your lifestyle will help you stay away from binging and fatty foods.

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