Aromatherapy helps realize better immune response

Use of alternative medicines is fast gaining ground. Practice of Aromatherapy has become popular especially for enhancing mood, and general wellbeing. It uses fragrant essence of a plant extracted by distillation or pressing, and is called essential oil. These essential oils extracted from flowers, leaves, bark, stem, or root of a plant are said to enhance the mental and physical wellbeing.


Aerial diffusion

Essential oils should not be confused with perfumes. Where essential oils are natural products of plants, perfumes are chemically produced. These essential oils can be used by various modes. They can be inhaled using aerial diffusion so that environment is fragranced. This works as a very good mod enhancer and disinfects the surrounding air.

Inhalation using a nebulizer

Nowadays direct inhalation of these oils using a nebulizer is more popular. A device called nebulizer turns oils into a mist that is then breathed in. often Asthma patients use this device to clear their lungs. It has now become a staple of aromatherapy due to its property of transforming liquid into mist that can be breathed in directly. Nebulizers are easy to use and easy to carry anywhere. This form of inhalation is found useful in treating respiratory infection and congestion.


Topical application

These oils are mixed with carrier oil and can be massaged for therapeutic skin care. Direct application of oil is not recommended as these essential oils are highly concentrated and can harm the skin and might even pass through skin into the bloodstream. These oils are also used in bath and as compresses. This mode of application is especially used in skin care.

Various Essential oils

Aromatherapy is popular in anxiety reduction and relaxation. People also find it useful in reduction of skin diseases, pain reduction, and hair loss prevention. Some essential oils such as tree tea oil have anti microbial effect. Lavender, jasmine, and lemon oil are other popular oils used in treatment and are found to reduce stress and anxiety.

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