How EFT Therapy can aid emotional wellbeing

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EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique is an innovative method of releasing pent-up feelings that can lead to a revolution in therapy techniques.


EFT Therapy is the work of Gary Craig, who is a minister for the Universal Church of God in western California.  Craig has earned an engineering degree from Stanford, which has nevertheless not kept him away from his interests in personal development and psychology.

Patients receive an emotional acupressure through EFT, which has benefited them largely.  The EFT Therapy mainly consists of healing through a combination of physical touch and healing- wherein the body can release pent-up tension that has accumulated over the years, thus aiding in emotional freedom and contentment.


It is said that emotional problems manifest inside the body in a physical form and the most effective method of releasing this emotional tension that has piled up inside the body is through acupressure- a technique used in EFT.

Being a person looking at this from the outside, you might not be convinced about the potential of this technique, but testimonials from customers benefited from this and are happy will reveal the real picture.

The USP of the EFT Therapy is that it is has the potential to relieve you of your problems instantaneously.  Many people are of the idea that it involves personal one on one conversation in order to bring out emotional issues, but that is not the case as EFT can be performed online as well.


EFT Therapy can be used for the following problems:

  1. Phobias- It can treat the most dangerous phobias within hours.
  2.  Insomnia and Anxiety- These two interrelated problems can be cured as it will help you withstand panic situations and have a good sleep.
  3. Anger-  It can help you manage your anger
  4. Weight Issues and Addiction- No matter what your addiction is, EFT can treat it effectively.  Food cravings can be reduced and eliminated altogether as well.

The body and the mind are interrelated and interdependent entities.  For instance, stress can be the root cause of physical ailment such as headaches, backaches, discomfort and fatigue.  EFT helps in ridding you of stress and this in turn helps in stopping the physical symptoms as well.

However, as with the case of other therapies, the EFT therapy is not guaranteed, as you might not benefit from it.

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