Choosing yoga style that suits you the best


With more and more people getting health conscious, Yoga has become a popular choice for exercising. Many individuals wish to explore various facets of Yoga. However, did you know that Yoga has different number of styles, which can be customized for different people? Well, a Yoga style that may suit someone else might not suit you. Therefore, let us check out some of the famous Yoga styles to know which one of them suits you the best.

Yoga techniques can improve your strength, improve balance and increase flexibility, making your body tension free. Yoga style also helps in offering peace to the mind that certainly gives you a feeling of calmness and ease. You will find yoga more suitable and safer when you choose the perfect style of yoga according to your fitness level. When practicing yoga you must have a goal to find the best style in it.

Which style suits you best?

For instance, if you are an athlete, then you must opt for yoga that increases your overall flexibility, which helps in creating balance in your fitness regime. For aged or injured individuals and people with chronic arthritis, it is advised not to go for regular yoga techniques, as the gentle Viniyoga will be the best style suiting them. The particular style of yoga helps in the unique condition as per the need. Individuals who are relatively healthy and eager to shed some weight can always choose Bikram class.

The best way to learn which style suits you is by trying all the common techniques of yoga. Once you learn all the common styles, you will get a fair idea of which style suits you better and customize it according to your needs. After that there will a special and unique emphasis on the particular style. There are certain goals in yoga to make you very clear about what to choose from the styles.

First, we can always understand the term yoga, which means the combination of both the body and mind. Answer these three simple questions to find out the yoga style that suits you the best.

  • Is the main purpose of yoga is to be fit, be in shape and to have the mind-body concentration? If yes, then the perfect style will be a vigorous and total workout yoga such as Power Yoga, Ashtanga yoga or Bikram yoga.
  • Is your purpose of doing yoga is for any medical condition? If yes, then go for the slow and relax types such as Iyengar yoga, Kripalu yoga, or Viniyoga. These are the safest of the lot.
  • Is your goal for practicing yoga is related to some spiritual and meditative condition? If yes, then Kundalini yoga with meditation and chanting is the best style to suit your needs.

Once you answer these questions, you can consult your Yoga teacher to help you decide your yoga regime.

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