5 best yoga poses to improve digestive system

Bhujangasana improves digestive system

Yoga has always been making our lives better. It not only relaxes our body but also our minds. Different poses in yoga are practiced for peaceful and healthy lives. Digestive system is always an important factor for human beings. Metabolism is highly dependent on the digestive system of the body and if it stops working properly, it may cause many problems that one would never like. Yoga can be very beneficial in keeping the digestive system fit and in excellent condition.

Here are best 5 yoga poses to improve the digestive system of your body and make yourself healthy.

Knees to Chest pose:

Knees to chest pose is an effective pose in improving the digestive system of any body. Just lie down on your back and hold your knees against your chest. Next step is to move left and right holding in that same position. It will relax your muscles and as your digestive area is pressurized, it will improve your digestion.
Digestive Breathing:

This technique is a way of improving your digestive system. Larynx and pharynx are two main parts that benefit the most from this exercise. Deep breathing can provide your body with more energy and it allows all the waste toxic products to be eliminated from the body easily. Digestive breathing, if done for 15-20 minutes, can really help in improving the digestive system. The technique, if followed properly can create wonders for your system, leaving you with a healthy stomach.
Cat Stretch:

Cat stretch is another simple way of keeping your digestion in a good mode. You need to get on your fours and pose like a cat, with your wrists underneath the shoulders and your knees underneath your hips. Straighten your spine and keep your neck long. This pose increases the flexibility of the spine and helps in abdominal strengthening.
Child’s pose:

This pose will completely relax your body. It focuses on arms stretching, straightening spine and digestive area. It also relaxes lower back area. The pose starts with kneeling down and resting your butt on heels, and stretching upper part of the body forward with hands straight and elbows resting on the floor.

Also known as Cobra pose. It mainly focuses on the organs that help in digestion. This pose massages and relaxes the organs, helping them relax and making them work smoothly. It improves appetite, beats stress, makes the arms, back and shoulders stronger, and helps in easing acidity, indigestion and constipation.


Yoga offers several health benefits for the body and its organ systems. A healthy digestive system can be achieved with simple Yoga asanas, and simple exercise can go a long way in achieving a healthy system.

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