Grow keenness for better insight and thoughts

Keenness is a golden trait that provides better insight and improves your thought process. It may seem quite philosophical but the implications of keenness are concrete and practical which can shape your future in fact can alter your course of life. We do not need the support of astrologers and tarot readers to manage our lives and sculpt our destiny. This we manage for ourselves with an honest effort to be a little keen on every issue we deal at every meander of our lives and develop a profound interest on what all is going around us.


Building of an insight towards every matter we come across and focusing a strong beam of deliberation on it would culminate in answers to the array of questions and enigmas that we had been crossing in every little sphere of our lives. An intense keenness could be described as a brilliant acumen particularly in realistic issues compounded with a strong aspiration or interest on a specific subject.

Honing your keenness is a great exercise which calls for a thorough training of our minds. A focused attitude and an enormous proportion of inquisitiveness to delve into the subtle nuances of a specific subject be it a matter of regular occurrence or issues appearing occasionally would be the ripe ground to developing keenness and a fiery quest to search for answers by exercising, activating and consolidating your thought process. This is purely a mind game and a whole hearted effort to establish what you believe to be true from the depth of your mind supported by logic and empowered by sincerity.


Developing keenness has its own share of benefits. It is fundamentally a fodder for your intellect that tutors your thought process and supports your mind on its voyage with a diligent and enthusiastic spirit. This in majority of the cases could culminate in success in most of the enterprises you choose to undertake. And it is a universally accepted fact unless you are enthusiastic about your hunt the results would be bleak clogged in self doubt.

The key word here is concentration and just be candid to yourself and focus your mind on the issue in hand. Drifting along a number of possibilities and the inherent risk of failure of your decision would only make you hesitant clouding your clarity of thinking. Of course all your thoughts and actions should end with a purpose and the end results would not be too far from your expectations if your probe had been honest and profound enough.


Another culprit would be the fear of the thought of what others would think of your plans, resolutions and actions. Never bother about others musings that may go either in your favor or against you. These are inevitable but should never knock you off your determination and opinions decided for you by your ethics and guided by your conscience.

If you firmly believe your path is right, be steadfast and work on it with religious devotion and you will be heading towards your target. But never allow any speck of doubt to impede your actions and shaken up faith to accompany you in your quest. Better to start afresh after drawing enough inspiration to build a firm mental foundation to set your thoughts and endeavors in the right direction.


Lending a patient ear to other’s opinions would be fine. There is every possibility an outstanding idea may come up far more potent, logical and feasible than yours. Here you have all the pros and cons to weigh and analyze your thoughts against those of others. Your insight will never make you hesitate on which route to take. Your insight helps you decide on this route on a firm footing and act on it with gusto!