Deciding to hold a fundraiser is a big decision, and you obviously want to generate the best possible results. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize just how much time, energy, and dedication it takes to run a successful fundraiser, and many give up before the event even takes off.


If you are planning on hosting a fundraiser, the following are the five essentials you need in order to ensure it’s a huge success.


  1. The Right Team

Before you can plan any tiny morsel of your fundraising event, you need to choose the right team. Reach out to people you know who will be interested in volunteering their time to help your fundraiser be successful. You should also try and find someone who has experience in fundraising so that they can help point you to the right tools and resources you will need.


Once you have your team in place, be sure to designate responsibilities for everyone. This will take a lot of the work off your hands and spread it out evenly over the team. This type of teamwork is essential.


  1. The Right Fundraiser

After you choose your team, it’s important to choose the type of fundraiser you will employ. There are many different options. You can host an event on one day, charge a fee to get in, and provide food and drink and entertainment in return. You can also opt to sell something, such as magazines or candy bars. You can even host an online fundraiser. Discuss your options with your team, and determine which is not only the best option for your goal, but which has the potential to provide the best possible return.


  1. Target Audience

You also need to determine the target audience of your fundraiser. For example, if you’re trying to raise money for a child’s program, and you are having the children participate in the fundraising, you need to ensure that the fundraising is geared towards both children and parents. Make sure you know who your audience is and what they would likely do/purchase in order to help your fundraiser, and you’ll find better results.


  1. Swag

No matter what type of fundraiser you’re holding, it’s very important that you purchase some swag. Fundraising for a Cause has a large amount of fundraising swag that you can purchase. You can then use this as “uniforms” for your team in order to spread awareness, you can give out certain items if someone makes a donation, or you can opt to sell certain items for a profit. All three options will help your fundraising efforts, either by generating cash or by marketing your cause.


  1. Marketing

If you don’t spread the word about your fundraiser, it will not be successful. Make sure that you employ every possible type of marketing available to you. Use social media to drive results. Hand out flyers. Hang up posters. Wear T-shirts and pass out other swag materials to spread the word. Create a website or a blog. The more you do to spread the word about your fundraiser, the more successful it will be.

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