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Canva is an online design tool which is just perfect to create appealing designs for posters, social media, flyers, brochures, event invites, presentations and much more. People who have no previous knowledge of graphic design or graphic design software, can […]

A guide to Canva

As the importance of the internet continues to grow, thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners worldwide are using online marketing to reach out to new customers. Many of the biggest companies and brands have recognized the power of online

online marketing types

Modern marketers have shifted their focus to digital marketing strategies. With this growing trend, print marketing is almost a forgotten thing. But even today print marketing campaigns can work wonders for the sales of your company. Here are the reasons

Once regarded as a dull horse in the social media world, LinkedIn is now fast becoming the haven for marketers to distribute their content and information they want the world to know about. Surveys have shown that people are increasingly

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Determining the exact budget for your next marketing campaign can be a tricky task yet it has to be done. When it comes to marketing business owners have to cut their coat according to their cloth. It is possible to

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There was a time when SEO copywriters could earn you top rankings by mere placement of keywords at the right places. However, the times have now changed. Although placing keywords at right places and the frequency of their use still

Building a successful brand is one of the most important things you can do for your apps business. There are more than 1,500,000 apps in the market and it is becoming more difficult for the app business owners to stay

In today’s ad world, you cannot simply survive without launching any advertising campaign. But, you surely have to see that your campaign supports your business to reach a wider audience and is also cost-effective. If you are able to attract

If you wish to develop a successful business, then building a successful brand is the key to that. A good branding strategy can let you win the trust of your customers and increase your business’ reputation. When it comes to

Two things, creating a brand identity and defining a niche market for your business, are important for making your business stand out. The market has become congested as many companies are providing the same type of products and services. Competition

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