Knowing more about your niche business area and the strategies of your competitors is always helpful for you to enhance your online marketing efforts. Competitive intelligence gives you a chance to gain a competitive edge in the market. Gaining more […]

Advanced technology and digital communication networks have changed the way we live as they have virtually put the world at our fingertips. Today, people are interconnected with millions of websites, message boards, chat rooms and e-mails. These wireless and broadband

Social media has transformed the internet. Business owners quickly realized the potential power that social media held for marketing and leveraged the power as much as they could. These were updated to make it easier for business owners to market

The services of an SEO company have been most useful and needed in recent years. Optimizing your site for search engines to achieve higher placement in search results will absolutely increase traffic into your site, increase your number of customers

Similar to product branding, marketing a personal brand provides excellent value if done in a proper way. Planning your marketing strategy is quite important, as it can be sole dividing line between success and failure. In the following sections, we

Nowadays marketing through social media has become very important. It has become an important tool in marketing strategy. Though social media marketing has become very popular, but there are certain myths about it floating around, which marketers should ignore as

Market through social media is now considered very important. This type of marketing should not be seen as some sort of standalone strategy. It can be easily integrated with the traditional form of marketing, and can become a multiplier that

Revenue generation is referred to as the process by which an organization markets and sells its products or services that eventually results in income. However, in a business scenario, revenue generation is mostly considered as a synonym for sales or

Running accounts on various social media for your small business can become a hurdle to cross in today’s fast-moving online world that has a fierce competition going on. A small business cannot allocate a full-time resource dedicated to handle its

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