marketing strategies

No business can exist in isolation. Businesses are all influenced by outside, external factors that impact their marketing strategies. It is therefore important for businesses to be aware of the external environment so that they would be able to adapt […]

marketing strategies

The success of your online marketing campaign depends on several different factors. The marketing plan should be based on your short and long term business goals and the principles on which your organization has been founded.

Before you embark on a journey to build your brand’s identity and making it one of the revered names of its field you should learn about brand gravity. Brand gravity is basically the impact that your brand has on its

brand gravity

There are two ways of marketing and then eventually selling a product. Either you will have to create demand for products that are not presently wanted or you have to supply products which are in demand. When you analyze and

target viewers

In this highly competitive world every business owner needs to keep a close tab on their marketing techniques. If you do not keep an eye on the marketing metrics and continuously evaluate the results then you will not get to

Digital marketing managers usually focus on the practical applications and management of marketing operations of an organization. They should have the knowledge of computer languages and must have effective communication skills. He should be efficient and effective in performing their

marketing manager

Knowing more about your niche business area and the strategies of your competitors is always helpful for you to enhance your online marketing efforts. Competitive intelligence gives you a chance to gain a competitive edge in the market. Gaining more

Many claim that an eCommerce business can be set up in a day. However, it is not entirely true. While an eCommerce business can be set up in moment, it is the scaling up part that is considered difficult and

Modern E-Commerce Site

Every business has to be promoted through marketing strategies and advertisements. Without a proper promotional campaign you cannot expect to reach out to your target audience. Small business owners find it difficult to promote their products or services with the

Any small business needs a marketing plan not only to familiarize people with the fact that your business exists but also to help it succeed over time. Here are a few pointers that help explain the role of marketing strategies

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