It is difficult to identify how far one can go for the sake of workplace wellness. However, it is a proven fact that offices who pay attention to wellness are the ones that do well and are popular across the […]

As the internet is expanding, it has given rise to brand abuse. In this world of digitalization, the business impact of this brand abuse is immediate and sweeping. Therefore, it is better to consider these strategies in order to advance

brand online

The modern consumers are well informed and they do not hesitate to demand the best products or services. They write about their opinions freely in different product reviewing sites and compare prices always before making a purchase. Relationship marketing is

Social media has transformed the internet. Business owners quickly realized the potential power that social media held for marketing and leveraged the power as much as they could. These were updated to make it easier for business owners to market

Social media marketing is an art and with the right social media marketing solutions business owners can master it. This platform offer its own marketing tools like Twitter targeted ads, Google+, Facebook pages and Pinterest Promoted Pins, to name a

Developing a successful marketing strategy for a business involves many aspects. It is prime time now that you include social media into your marketing plan. People use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter on regularly to share their views

The debate of whether technological advancements would benefit professionals and increase their workplace productivity has been an ongoing one, and has garnered ample support on both ends. While some believe that digital devices would help enhance an individual’s interest and

A strong brand is very important for marketing products of a company. In this age of virtual world, more and more companies are now interested in online presence of their brand. However, just opening a sleek website or catchy slogan

The marketing techniques and strategies keep changing with time. At present, social media marketing is deemed to be more effective than most of the other different types of marketing techniques. Traditional marketing refers to newspaper, radio and TV advertisements, distributing

The social media has changed the way crises form, spread and are handled in the business world. In any case however, a suitable action plan is necessary to keep a lookout for potential crises in addition to handling existing ones.

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