Corporate culture

Culture is one of the most important aspects of any corporate entity. Corporates are now looking at culture at par with employee engagement and retention. A positive work culture brings out the best in employees and encourages them to stay, […]

Change management is an unavoidable necessity which the senior executives have to handle in most business organizations. Globalization is offering the opportunity to reach out to new set of target audiences across the world. Your production, marketing and sales teams

One must have often heard that autocratic or the authoritarian style of leadership is out of fashion and it is a huge negative if practiced. Well, not all that you hear is true. Although it can be said that it

A corporate culture is the founding base of any company. It deeply affects the way its employees behave and how they commit themselves to their work. A friendly and a healthy cultural environment increase the employee efficiency and effectiveness incredibly.

Corporate culture is vital for every type of business. No matters what is the shape and size of the business because it can lead to success of the business. The main motive of small business is to grow bigger and

In many organizations, there is no trust in relationship that exists between employer and employees. The main reason behind such problem is employer’s concerns about misuse of resources and employee’s fears regarding job security. However, as you can understand this

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Some years ago, I read a book about different types of corporate culture and it mentioned six different types of such corporate culture. The main thing the book narrated was that organizations are somewhat in the middle section, not sick

It is very easy to set up a new business but maintain the business and make it successful is quite hard. Corporate culture plays an important role to make a business successful. Corporate culture involves the values of an organization,

Corporate culture is a vital part of a business as it helps to achieve more out of the business. It is a collective way of doing things in an organization. As the telecommunicating world is flourishing, it is affecting the

Size is not an issue when it comes to workplace culture. Every business unit, regardless of number of people employed there, can benefit from the corporate culture.

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