Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is an important tool in the small business owner’s arsenal that can help transform a struggling business into one that thrives. While many small businesses still use traditional marketing campaigns to reach their audiences, those businesses that are […]

Boost Your Digital Marketing

In Agile marketing, the workflow is broken down into small parts and experiments, the traditional individual approach where teams worked independently is removed and data is shared across disciplines and teams. The goal agile marketing is to respond rapidly to

If you’re not on Snapchat then its time you were. Especially for business reasons. Marketers are successfully targeting the Snapchat audience as they have understood the value of Snapchat as a business platform. According to studies, 41% of people in


Increasing competition in the industry has forced many marketers to challenge traditional lines of thinking and productivity. Many marketers are in fact, adopting the ‘think out of the box’ strategy for the same purpose.

Thinking out of the box

The businesses have grown, the markets have grown and so have the customers. Gone are the days when the companies could impose just anything or any kind of product or service on the consumers. The market is trending towards self-educated

customer centric marketing strategy

In 2015, marketing strategies have to be smarter and sharper or else chances of gain from it will get decreased. Launching the wrong marketing campaign at the wrong time can put the reputation of your company in danger. Reviving and

Ideas to get marketing right

Developing a successful marketing strategy for a business involves many aspects. It is prime time now that you include social media into your marketing plan. People use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter on regularly to share their views

Brand represents your company or product and also relates to your business reputation. You must think global, regional or local while establishing or developing your brand. This will depend on your company’s plan related to market. Considerations must be given

Revenue generation is referred to as the process by which an organization markets and sells its products or services that eventually results in income. However, in a business scenario, revenue generation is mostly considered as a synonym for sales or

Marketing is one of the most important parts of your business. Developing a marketing plan is a necessary task which you must not delay or postpone. Some people make the mistake of assuming that spreading leaflets and advertising your products

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