Social media plays a vital role in a brand’s success these days. A Social-First Content Marketing Strategy is the trend that the most successful brands are using for their digital marketing strategy. This is because they have seen that this […]


SME businesses simply refer to small and medium enterprises that you see online nowadays. These businesses require effective and cheap methods to market their products and services, as they do not have heavy marketing budgets like the big companies. Hence,

Video content marketing

Before you embark on a journey to build your brand’s identity and making it one of the revered names of its field you should learn about brand gravity. Brand gravity is basically the impact that your brand has on its

brand gravity

Online partnerships are keys to website success as every successful business have some kind of partnerships, which is instrumental in the continued success of a particular business. You can detect online partnerships when your competitors are present on another site

successful partnership

Mobile apps are becoming quite popular nowadays with the increase in use of smart phones and if you are planning to launch a mobile app then planning proper marketing for the same and developing it as a brand is important.

Social media optimization includes making a website build visibility in social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If done correctly it can also have an influencing effect on search engine optimization for the website. In the present scenario

Social networking site is a great tool for searching and reaching customers directly for many B2B companies. Many B2B companies are successfully using Facebook to build important relationships with customers. Facebook is the largest social networking site and one of

Integrating social media into your business’s marketing campaign is not that hard a task provided you take some time and effort to do some research before starting it. In this article, we have discussed different steps that go into integrating

Brand represents your company or product and also relates to your business reputation. You must think global, regional or local while establishing or developing your brand. This will depend on your company’s plan related to market. Considerations must be given

People usually ignore Pinterest in their social media because they think that it is just all about crafts, recipes and other women’s interests. However, they don’t know that Pinterest produces four- times more RPC (Revenue per Click) than other social

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