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Leadership and management in business go hand in hand but while management is doing things right, leadership is all about doing the right things. When businesses aim to build the right corporate culture and appropriate ethics at work, they recognize the fact that this is only possible by setting the suitable precedents in leadership.

Importance of leadership in the success of a business

The directions in which business leaders steer their organizations are largely dependent on how they treat their employees in everyday interaction and how they find ways to encourage them.
The behavior of a good business leader among his employees reflects not only his values and his mindset; it also sets an authoritative example of his expectations from them. When top management and leaders in business teach by example, they gain the trust and confidence of everyone who is answerable to them. A lack of trust among the workforce lowers the morale and drains productivity, which is exactly why good leaders encourage team-building exercises regularly. The manner in which they deal with difficult or crisis scenarios demonstrate their decision making skills and instigate their employees to do the same under such circumstances. Ethical leadership has the ability to create an amicable atmosphere within the organization wherein employees feel empowered.

Leadership is an integral part of entrepreneurship and a business cannot survive for a long time without a leader. A leader leads the business and maintains it on the right path. It is a fact that fundamental factors of a […]

Effective leadership is essential to achieve organizational goals

For any business to grown by leaps and bounds, it is important that the organization is led by a strong leader. Often people have questions like what defines a leader or what are the attributes of a true leader? One

True Business Leader

Whether you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, you have to get many things done in a day, or you’ll fall behind and your workpile increases. You have to focus on being more productive, rather than working endless hours, with

Personal branding is about having influence. You don’t have to be famous to have influence over people. You can interact with people, have discussions on your favorite topics, in your niche. You can showcase your abilities and be someone who

Corporate Branding

Women in corporate world are creating history in leadership and that is changing the overall business scenario. Gender inequality in top level leadership roles even extending to payment disparity is gradually fading out with more empowered women dominating the boardroom

Woman in corporate world

Unwittingly entrepreneurs sometimes make mistakes that affect the productivity of their employees adversely. The way business operations are conducted, the strict parameters of professional decorum and lack of freedom discourages employees to offer their best.

We all have often wondered how the brilliantly successful and dynamic entrepreneurs have achieved so much in life in a short span of time. More surprisingly, big tycoons, thought-leaders and trendsetters like Steve Jobs and Coco Chanel have risen from

A business mentor can improve your business and career immensely. The role of the mentor is to guide you through unfamiliar territory, take you under his wing and teach you new skills, or enhance your skill set. A successful mentoring

Not many companies are absolutely sure about what the term ‘Supply Chain Management’ encompasses, nor the risks that come with it. While some talk about these risks in terms of products, others consider them as being related to the assets

Biggest Risks and Troubleshooting Suggestions for Supply Change Management

A business is bound to come up with at least some form of employee resistance when choosing to implement a new strategy or technology. This resistance is considered good and is a positive indicator of how the employees care for

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