You joined an office with all high aims and objectives of achieving desired success by putting your skills to the best of their use. However, shortly after you start finding your workplace environment unwelcoming. Owing to some reason, you feel […]

Leadership is an integral part of entrepreneurship and a business cannot survive for a long time without a leader. A leader leads the business and maintains it on the right path. It is a fact that fundamental factors of a

Effective leadership is essential to achieve organizational goals

The Institute of Medicine (USA) report says, “As medical science and technology has advanced at a rapid pace, the healthcare delivery system has floundered in its ability to provide consistently high quality care to all.” This entails that just improved

The contemporary world is producing more entrepreneurs than ever. What all it takes to tread the path of entrepreneurship is an interesting, rather more relevant question to be asked in present era. Those who are able to decode this riddle


Each and every individual study and gain knowledge to become successful and have a great career ahead. They always want to have jobs of their interest and field in which they excel. But sometimes interest, likes and dislikes changes with

Much touted leadership scandals have led to the emergence of authenticity leadership. Its importance is much felt when thing turn upside down and start taking a toll the way things were done in the business regime. Realizing this, a few

An organization cannot run on its own, as it requires an effective leader who can make impossible things possible. A leader is like fuel to an organization without which an organization cannot survive for long. A leader is a person

It is a topic of debate since ages and different people and experts have their different point of view in this context. Here a question arises that do leaders born with an aptitude for leadership or they are made? The

Courage is an important part of an individual’s attitude. It does not mean to do something wrong but it is a perception of an individual in a corporate world. Decision-making is the hardest task in any organization as where one

As we know, a leader should be good in communication, have strategic capabilities, be creative, be a risk manager, inspiring and have several other qualities that we read about in various books available on the subject. On the other hand,

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