Monetizing your blog is a possibility and a very real one too, though it is not easy. To be of a value, your blog should have a unique image, it should be a brand by itself, and to achieve this […]

blog a marketable commodity

A number of startups are started without the backing of capital investors or financial organizations. The lack of funds stops them from launching traditional marketing campaigns.

content marketing ideas

In past few years, internet has emerged as a strong as well as busy marketplace. It is the place where people buy only reputed products from renowned companies. People only want to spend their valuable time and money only on

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Brand has grown to mean much more than a name and logo. Branding begins with the constancy of appearance that becomes the identity of an organization or company. The subject of branding attracts a lot of professional attention these days,

Social media is an effective way for a business especially for small businesses to connect with customers and build a brand for the cost of some time and creativity. It is one of the most important types of online marketing

Online reputation management is essential for building a positive brand image and protecting your business from rumors spread by unscrupulous people. The internet is an infinitely vast virtual space and suppressing the rumors, negative comments, remarks, complains and reviews can

Every business has to toil to build a reputation for their brand. Without good reputation, you cannot expect to gain customer loyalty or expand your market. Internet has provided us with an interactive platform through which buyers and sellers can

Two things, creating a brand identity and defining a niche market for your business, are important for making your business stand out. The market has become congested as many companies are providing the same type of products and services. Competition

Corporate branding means using the name of the company to create product brand recognition. It is an important marketing strategy to use goodwill of consumers for marketing new products. By creating a brand the company cultivates loyalty among the customers,

Brand name is most often the identity of a company through which the customer recognizes it. It helps in gaining recognition of a product or products of that company. Corporate branding thus uses the name of the company to sell

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