Useful guidelines for effective online reputation management

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Online reputation management is essential for building a positive brand image and protecting your business from rumors spread by unscrupulous people. The internet is an infinitely vast virtual space and suppressing the rumors, negative comments, remarks, complains and reviews can be very difficult. Without well planned ORM or online reputation management strategies, you cannot handle the bad online publicity. Rumors and negative reviews can go viral through the web forums within a very short span of time. There are three necessary parts of a good online reputation management strategy. These three parts are building a good reputation, protecting it and handling crisis.


The modern consumers use the internet to get important information regarding products and services. At least 50% internet users have done reviews of products they use. People are now more conscious about the value of money. Buyers believe in what they see written in the consumers forums and online reviewing sites and they also exchange information through the social networking sites.

Every negative review has the power of generating more negative comments and discussion regarding your products and services. The first thing that one should do is to measure the online reputation of their brand and services. Once you have done this you can use different tactics to interact with existing and potential customers. Use the social media marketing strategies to promote your products and build a strong relationship with the buyers.

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If you are serious about maintaining your online image or if you are running an ecommerce business then you should always be proactive. This means that you have to strive continuously to impress your potential clients and reach out to them using websites, social networking sites, and blogs and review websites. After your business reputation has been damaged online, you have to implement a reactive strategy. This means you will have to control the damage as soon as possible.

It is always better to be proactive because you can never completely control the damage. Build a steady and stable brand image and continuously try to engage your target audience in positive discussions regarding your business. Offer sufficient online assistance and information so that buyers will be able to make purchasing decisions independently.


Every businessperson and entrepreneur must be cautious about his or her online reputation. A proactive strategy can help in protecting your brand image and enhance it. Keep a tab on the discussions about your business, products and services and activate a damage recovery plan if needed.

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