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A number of startups are started without the backing of capital investors or financial organizations. The lack of funds stops them from launching traditional marketing campaigns.

However, it is the unconventional and out of the box marketing approach that has helped hundreds of successful startups to grow from scratch. Some of the popular startups like Facebook, AirBnb, Zynga, LinkedIn and Reddit have utilized growth hacking for gaining the attention of public.

If you too are trying to gain the attention of your target audience without spending thousands of dollars you should try some of the incredible growth hacking techniques.

Let the product resonate with the market

In most cases traditional marketing techniques are adapted in the attempt of popularizing a product which has already been produced and ready to be shipped or sold. Established businesses make products as suits them and try to convince the audience about the necessity of it.

If you start by analyzing the market and try to develop products that fit the market then it will take less time and efforts to popularize that product or service. This way the market will be ready for your services and you only need to cater to them in an innovative and original manner. Keep improvising and working on your idea until or unless it starts to fit the market perfectly.

Keep experimenting and testing new tactics

The growth of your startup depends on continuous and consistent efforts. You have to try to launch small call to action buttons, offers and other marketing strategies to gauge the response of the audience. There are different ways of engaging the consumers and creating a positive image in their minds. By launching small marketing campaigns you will be able to understand what works best with your audience and how you can hold their attention.

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Start a blog and be an expert

The success of your business depends greatly on your expertise. The audience should know that you are knowledgeable and respect you as an individual. Personal branding and personal touch both resonates well with modern consumers. They need to know who they are dealing with to feel assured about your services.

Show them your expertise in your domain by blogging about it. If you are a style consultant then start a blog about fashion and style. Show people that you really know what you are doing.

Upgrade your products

After the initial launching if you stop innovating and improvising your products it will be a huge mistake. Companies who are too arrogant or stubborn to tweak their products and services can never win the heart of consumers. Even some of the best mobile apps and social media platforms have upgraded their services to gain brownie points from their users.

Try to be ahead of time and find out what the customers need before they start complaining. Ease the pain points and make it easier for them to shop your products.

Keep measuring and looking at the data

You need to keep an eye on the data gathered from all the efforts at digital marketing. Analyzing data gives you the chance to develop better marketing strategies. You can easily find out what works and what doesn’t by using different analytical tools.

Take advantage of technology for deriving great growth hacking techniques. Above all there should be originality in your approach and your vision should reflect in your brand.

Growth hacking is one of the most amazing technique a company can use for attracting a huge number of users or customers. Thinking out of the box and demonstrating your mastery can help in getting new clients without spending money on traditional marketing efforts.

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