Recently, there is much talk about expanding paid family leave benefits across corporate America. More companies than ever are offering paid family leave benefits. Yet, this leaves many business owners wondering how they are going to recognize this new movement […]

Offer Paid Family Leave To Employees

Those in the finance industry understand the prestige and expanded job opportunities that come your way after becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst. In order to get this designation, qualified individuals must dedicate themselves to passing the financial analyst examination, called

You gave up your career right when it was taking off in order to raise your kids. And now that they have grown up, you have plenty of time on your hands to start thinking of going to work again.

Stay-At-Home Moms Should Know When Going Back to Work

It is an all too common scenario these days. An individual resigns his 9 to 5 job in order to father his startup. However, down the lane, he decides to sell off the startup or close it completely. He is

An appraisal meeting is an excellent opportunity for you to express and prove your worth for your organization. You can do so by presenting all the achievements you’ve made through the last appraisal. You should put up a confident attitude

Performance Appraisal Meetings

  An enrolled agent is essentially a tax expert; they are federally licensed tax practitioners and have rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS. To become an enrolled agent, you must either pass a comprehensive exam that requires expertise in

It is difficult to identify how far one can go for the sake of workplace wellness. However, it is a proven fact that offices who pay attention to wellness are the ones that do well and are popular across the

“Love what you do.” This oft-repeated advice is sometimes met with cynical responses. Such skepticism is certainly understandable, given the changing realities of our economy and job markets. While National Public Radio reported that the unemployment rate has recently dropped

Hate Your Job

In the workplace, you must play up all your strengths. This includes proper business etiquette too, which can impress your boss and your colleagues. Etiquette is born out of good manners and consideration for the other person and being mindful

Numerous body language studies have explained the importance of how your body expresses your confidence or nervousness to the outside world. For TV anchors, maintaining a body language that showcases their confidence and the positive outlook becomes mandatory. Understanding this

need to have great body language
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