7 Ways You Can Make the Best of Performance Appraisal Meetings

Performance Appraisal Meetings
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An appraisal meeting is an excellent opportunity for you to express and prove your worth for your organization. You can do so by presenting all the achievements you’ve made through the last appraisal. You should put up a confident attitude for spelling each word during the special occasion. Here are some main points that you need to follow to make the best out of your performance appraisal meeting.


Dig and gather information

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Before you set out for your appraisal, go through your job description, assigned work and goals. Carefully prepare details about all your achievements, strengths, and areas you were involved with. All this info will serve as a solid introduction to present you during the performance appraisal.
To highlight all the chief milestones you’ve achieved since your last appraisal, you can go through the reports such as your monthly assessment reports and your project reports. Analysing last appraisal’s feedback and assessment is also a good way to produce some foundational info.

Enlist all the achievements

One of the most important things to produce during your appraisal is a complete list of all the achievements that you’ve made since your last appraisal or since you joined the organisation.You need to prioritize accomplishments based on the goals criteria.
Accomplishments that are important from the chief organizational goal POV need to be placed at the top of your accomplishment list. Then after comes those achievements that are in accord with other organizational goals. It’s totally up to you to add or not to add personal achievements at the bottom of the list.
Gather all the appreciation mails, recognition certificates and other awards for the occasion.

Decide the occasion’s significance

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Before joining the appraisal, ask yourself the significance of the occasion. An appraisal is an important milestone that lets you direct your job direction. Also, the appraisal provides you with several new opportunities to chin up your reputation. You should be very clear about whether the job is right for you or you need to find some other work.

Keep up with your boss

Like other major organizational activities, a performance appraisal has several points that you can take note of. These notes can come to use throughout the time until your next appraisal. Show your gratitude towards your boss for the appraisal.

Be determined

It can happen that something that your boss/reporting officer promised you during the last appraisal isn’t fulfilled. Be patient as every boss/manager is busy with a team that consists of several candidates like yourself. Find out why things have been going like that. Whether your boss’s been exempting from you or there is some other issue, raise the issue during the appraisal with a soft tone. Try to present the facts first and the issue afterwards.

Don’t Debate

Remember that it is a performance appraisal ‘meeting’. So, try to avoid any topic that might transform the meeting into a debate. Though you can ask any question from your boss/manager and the HR anytime, let your boss reserve the right to deliver the last word of the appraisal.

Take up an amiable attitude

You need to pay respect to everyone attending the appraisal meet. You should try to give a message to each member of the meet that this occasion is very important for you. Keep your attitude light and try to present facts for every query that your boss/manager make. Answer each question with confidence, even if the answer is unfavourable or a ‘No’. Don’t provide explanations, until you’re asked to. 

Just remember all the points mentioned in the list and make the best out of each performance appraisal meeting that you’ll have from now on.

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