Wellness Mantras at the Work Place that one can imbibe

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It is difficult to identify how far one can go for the sake of workplace wellness. However, it is a proven fact that offices who pay attention to wellness are the ones that do well and are popular across the world. One of the most well-known workplace wellness cultures is running marathons.

Almost every other business either organises a marathon or participates in one. Some of the global organisations have specific sports teams and there are those who are meant only for running. Thankfully, these marathons are slowly becoming a trend and are the ones responsible for the better health and fitness levels of the employees. While a lot of times, marathons are for promotional purposes or charities, they definitely mean no harm to anyone.

Office is Home and Home is a Distant Dream

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It is no hidden fact that a large part of the population spends its time sitting for 8 hours a day or even more in the same posture and it is extremely unhealthy. A few healthy habits can improve the conditions for you. However, you need to imbibe these habits and religious adhere to them to transition to a healthy life.

You should make these your everyday mantra. These healthy habits will take you a long way. Make a list of these habits/activities and pin them up in your cubicle so that you are aware of them all the time. While it will take time for the transition to happen, you need to be patient with the same. You will easily find tips on the internet and easy printable designs that you can pin on the office wall.

Small Things Make a Big Difference

It is the small things that make a big difference. It doesn’t matter where you work or what kind of environment your office has. It is given that you will spend a large part of your day at work. In fact, more time is spent at work and less time is spent at home.

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Therefore, it is necessary that your workplace is such that it caters to your wellness. One of the basic things that one can do at the workplace is to support their co-workers. The positivity you send across will reflect back upon you and you will soon see an improvement in your mental well-being. After all unhealthy competition isn’t ideal for any workplace. Try building a human relationship with your co-workers.

While it is normal to be completely stressed at work, try a few breathing activities in-between that will help you relax. Deep breathing is known to be one of the best methods of finding relaxation. A few breath control exercises can also take you a long way. Meditating is another way of improvising upon your health.

Sit in a comfortable manner, close your eyes and relax. Now, inhale and exhale through your nose five times and open your mouth on the 5th exhale. Doing this a few times can take you a long way.

While your work may require you to sit all the time, it is fair to get up and stretch a few times. This will ensure that there is positive energy bubbling inside you all the time. It isn’t possible to indulge in a complete workout but a few stretches can definitely take you a long way.

Mental Health is Equally Important

It is no hidden fact that mental health is proportionate to physical health. If the office has a negative environment, it is bound to have an impact on you. Office gossip is the reason the energy in the office is positive or negative. You can surely do your own bits to reduce office gossip. A few basic things that you can do is –

  • Not indulge in it yourself
  • Steer clear of gossip mongers
  • Opt out of the conversation as soon as you get a whiff of it
  • Change the topic if your friends are indulging in it
  • Try not to believe everything you hear

At the end of the day, it is your personal health and your own attitude is going to take you a long way. Hence, as far as possible, maintain a positive attitude and you will see a visible change in your bodily health.

There are many habits that one can adapt for healthy working. After all, given the amount of time one spends at work, healthy working is healthy living.

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