Business etiquettes that will boost your career and find favor with your boss

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In the workplace, you must play up all your strengths. This includes proper business etiquette too, which can impress your boss and your colleagues. Etiquette is born out of good manners and consideration for the other person and being mindful of this increases your chances of being noticed in your office. It makes a positive impression on those around you. It’s not about just following some set rules but good business etiquette is conducive to a harmonious work environment. Here are some professional etiquette tips which can help boost your career:

Simple but valuable business etiquette tips

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  • Respect time

Remember to be on time for meetings, even online meetings. This shows that you respect yours and your boss’s time or that of your colleaguesand your clients. Being on time shows that you are organized and you can be depended on to work on schedule or meet deadlines.

  • Offer a handshake

A handshake indicates confidence and courtesy. This universal symbol of greeting puts people at ease. Note: the higher-ranking person, irrespective of gender, should hold out their hand first.

  • Stand upright

A slouchwill say nothing about you but a straight, upright posture will convey the idea that you are confident and competent. Playing the part is necessary in business.

  • Dress appropriately

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Always find out what the dress code is and dress appropriately. Some offices favor formal attire and some are less formal and you have to follow the required dress code to make a good impression.

  • Never pull out anyone’s chair

In a business setting, you can open the door for your guest, but you need not pull out the chair for anyone of any gender.

  • Mingle before the meeting starts

Another benefit of being on time is that you can mingle with others and get to know them and their work. You can introduce everyone too, starting with the person of the highest rank.

  • Do not talk shop during a meeting

Do your socializing before the meeting starts as you would be seen as a distraction if you speak or keep whispering to your colleagues during a meeting.

  • Keep your smartphone out of sight

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When you’re in a meeting, it’s best to keep your phone on silent and out of sight. Checking your phone during a meeting might indicate that you’re not focused on the discussion, that you are bored, or that you would prefer to be somewhere else. Not at all a good idea! This is one of those smart career tips that will help you go a long way.

  • Speak up on time

You must ask your questions and express your opinion at the relevant time. Do not wait till the meeting is about to be over to raise any points, or else you’ll end up being “that” person.

  • Have a strong agenda

A strategy to winover your boss is conducting a successful meeting with a strong agenda. If you’re running the meeting, do not digress from the agenda and if think you might, have a colleague with you who will help you get back on track.

  • Express gratitude

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A “thank you” email to someone who has helped you is important. Expressing your gratitude will not cost you anything, it just improves work culture.

  • Be concise

Be to the point, do not repeat yourself and leave out all unnecessary info.

  • Shut down unnecessary programs or files during an online meeting

If screen sharing is likely, shut down any personal or unnecessary or sensitive business files so you will not be in an embarrassing situation.

  • Ask questions via chat

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You can ask questions via chat or message feature as it will not disrupt your online meeting.

  • Mute your microphone

This will cut out all distracting background noise and unmute only when you need to speak.

  • Use appropriate salutation in emails

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Emails are an important way to build relationships. Don’t be cold and harsh by leaving out salutations.Use “Hi”, “Hello” followed by the person’s name, “Dear” is more appropriate for formal mails.

Business etiquette is not rocket science, as these simple tips show. Practice makes perfect and following these pointers will help you in giving the right impression to impress your boss and boost your career.

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