Long gone are the days when you could carry your business forward without using any software or tools. The market today has become so competitive that even if you have something as simple as a food joint, you need to […]

Businesses Need Growth Hacking Platforms Like Erxes

You joined an office with all high aims and objectives of achieving desired success by putting your skills to the best of their use. However, shortly after you start finding your workplace environment unwelcoming. Owing to some reason, you feel

Teamwork is very important for the success of any business. The employer as well as the employees of the business work hand-in-hand to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Working as a team can actually help achieve a lot. Relationship building


You answer a number of emails every day. Along with social media, emails are a great distraction at work, even though they may be work related. As a result, you may be processing emails when you should be working. Email

Unwittingly entrepreneurs sometimes make mistakes that affect the productivity of their employees adversely. The way business operations are conducted, the strict parameters of professional decorum and lack of freedom discourages employees to offer their best.

Not many individuals realize that culture can make or break an entire organization. And many don’t know that culture can do the same for a business that the internet does for the same, boost it to great heights. Creating a

As an employee, at times, it’s becomes difficult for you to open up or have a straightforward conversation with your boss. But, to have such conversation you need to maintain a valuable and friendly relationship with him.You and your boss


In entrepreneurship, investors play an important role as they contribute a lot in the working capital of a business. Working capital is lifeblood of a business and no business can run without an adequate amount of capital. It is vital

An effective corporate culture plays an important role in shaping image and behavior of an organization. Corporate culture is a blend of strengths, strategies, weaknesses, experiences, education, and knowledge. The effectiveness of a corporate culture depends on the actions and

A healthy organizational culture plays an important role in shaping behavior in an organization. In other words, the environment is formulated from the interactions of employees in a workplace. Organizational culture includes strengths, strategies, experiences, weaknesses, education, knowledge, and other

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