Online reviews from customers are very powerful. In this extremely digital world we live in, it’s a total must for every company to establish their presence online. Building an online presence will reap your business a great deal of benefits. […]


Starting a new job is akin to dating a new person in more ways than one. You feel an equal sense of euphoria as well as extreme nervousness at the same time for both cases. Chances are your emotions may


By ethics, we refer to a set of standards and principles of conduct, which govern the actions of groups as well as individuals. Similarly, ethical behavior also relies on certain principals as well as values and covers actions of organizations,

If you are running a business, you know that it is a very complex work and you need to remember several things to make sure things function as required be it financial transactions taking place in the company, product management

Brand name is the main factor that can build a brand or can even spoil the brand as well as the company. Hence, it is very important to monitor that how your brand is being used online. You can monitor

In online marketing, several people claim to be experts in the field but for a business concern, it becomes difficult to figure out whom to believe and trust.  In the following section, we will look at some of the experts

Brands often caught up in their B2B content marketing efforts. Developing an interesting, relevant custom content, exclusively for employees, helps strengthen the loyalty of employees. Any company cannot run without its employees. They are the best brand advocates of a

Brand has grown to mean much more than a name and logo. Branding begins with the constancy of appearance that becomes the identity of an organization or company. The subject of branding attracts a lot of professional attention these days,

It is but natural for business owners to want to know about how their products are faring in the market. This makes it necessary for these owners to opt for some form of online reputation management wherein they can promote

Social media can be one of the most difficult platforms for brands to measure return on investment. It has transformed the manner in which we relate for the world around us. It has not only enjoyed an upsurge of momentum

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