The history has evidently confirmed that amateurs can outperform veterans by exploring new ideas and vision, may be because they are pro learning. There are indeed many different ways to achieve the said resolution, but a notion of going on […]

It is a topic of debate since ages and different people and experts have their different point of view in this context. Here a question arises that do leaders born with an aptitude for leadership or they are made? The

Courage is an important part of an individual’s attitude. It does not mean to do something wrong but it is a perception of an individual in a corporate world. Decision-making is the hardest task in any organization as where one

What does it take to make a startup a success? Its leader of course! A weak leader would pave the way for an even weaker startup organization that would not be able to taste success in the market in spite

There are many similarities in the artistic and the entrepreneurial fields as both create something from scratch, face criticism and rejection and finally fine-tune their processes to achieve success.  Here are a few things that striving entrepreneurs can gain from

right results from outsourcing a project

A leader’s character, and how he turns up, means a lot.  “Is he tired after a sleepless night” or “is he having a bad hair day” are irrelevant. What is important is the kind of attitude that you portray, your


Too often, we see around us examples of good leadership and failed leadership. Take for example, a soccer team. A manager may not be able to achieve anything with a set of players, while when he is fired and another

Leadership has been a significant aspect ever since man has been known to live in a group. A group of people must be directed by a leader to achieve a final objective. As times have progressed, leadership styles and attitudes

A leader is someone who leads other and Transformational leader is a leader who leads to positive changes in employees. Generally, transformational leaders are energetic, passionate and enthusiastic. According to experts, leaders and employees make each other to advance to

Women still have challenges to make what men make for the same job. They have to face problems to attain the promotions that will place them in leadership roles. Many of the challenges that a woman face in the workplace

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