Ways in which a leader should turn up

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A leader’s character, and how he turns up, means a lot.  “Is he tired after a sleepless night” or “is he having a bad hair day” are irrelevant. What is important is the kind of attitude that you portray, your way of speaking and the body language that you have.  All of these factors are what contribute to what other think of you as a leader. 


Whatever be the reason, you must always remember that as a leader you inspire and must have your game face on whenever you come in front of others, here is how:

Dress with confidence

Appearances might be fickle, but unfortunately, they do make a great impression.  At times, perceptions can be taken as reality and people assume what they tend to see.  Hence, if you think like Lincoln but dress like a clown, then no one would take you seriously at all. Dressing is a way of placing your image in the minds of others.


Play your role well

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Most people think of a leader as a person who is extremely confident, an extrovert and an exceptional orator.  If you are in a leadership role but find yourself lacking in any of the leadership qualities, then try to fix them.  Try to think of your role model and put yourself in his or her shoes. This will help you to find your flaws and fix them too!

Don’t beat around the bush, just go for it

People have a tendency to understand when a thing is being avoided and when not.  So, cut the crap and say what you have to say.  There are two kinds of followers – first one immediately trust you and buy your arguments without any confrontation, and the other whom you need to convince.  Do not try to beat around the bush using flowery language without coming to the point.

Be willing to take on difficult questions

Effective leaders are those who are able to answer difficult questions with an element of inclusion and transparency.  It is important to keep your people informed when it comes to decision-making, as communication of information is very important to build trust.


Most leaders have had a mixed experience in leadership- ranging from good and bad. However, those that have a strong sense of ethics and values are able to create their individual brand image and become strong leaders who inspire others.  However, there is another breed of leaders that develop a false facade on the basis of avoiding certain risk, conformity in the right manner or right contacts.

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