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There are many similarities in the artistic and the entrepreneurial fields as both create something from scratch, face criticism and rejection and finally fine-tune their processes to achieve success.  Here are a few things that striving entrepreneurs can gain from their artistic counterparts:

Have the ability to fail

It takes a lot to become a great stand up comedian, as you need to have the willingness to accept failure many times on stage.  However, this is where you will gain self-revelation and will discover how to experiment with your comedy and comic timing.  Each time, these people success or fail when up on stage.

Similarly, you should have the appetite to digest failure, as it will help you unveil what works for you and what works against you.  This helps you become more receptive and by acknowledging your mistakes, you will actually be able to achieve more by moving in the right direction.

Build a support system

Many artists, may they be writers, actors and painters, understand that importance of a safe haven where they can practice their art, experiment and also receive feedback that is unbiased.

For this, artists often enrol in specialised classes.  Entrepreneurs likewise need to find a group of supporters that will help them move out of their bubble.  Do not limit yourself but connect with those who share similar passions.  It is important to be able to share creativity and thrive out of it.

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Be courageous

Entrepreneurs and artists have one similar quality- they put their entire efforts on stake for others to see and opinionated on.  Not all have the nerve to do that.  Hence, if you ever dwell in self-doubt, just remember that you are performing a courageous feat. This will bring you closer to success.

Learn when to leave

Another great quality about eminent artists is that they know when exactly to leave their creation and walk off.  A painting will become imperfect if you add those unnecessary additional strokes.  There are many entrepreneurs who constantly fine tune, change and adjust. This is inappropriate, as you need to know when your product is just right.

Learn when to trash it

Both an entrepreneur and an artist traverse a similar journey.  They initially fail, then they get back up and fail and this cycle carries on for a couple of times until they finally attain success.  Remember that each attempt you have is valuable and you learn something out of it.


It is important to find your creative potential as this is the key to becoming a successful leader and an entrepreneur.  Like an artist, an entrepreneur should be on the lookout for creative freedom and should not resist from trying out their ideas, even if they might seem bad.

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