Job Management

Learning Job Management guide by Dr Prem Jagyasi talks on strategies, handling tricky situation, working smart, job scheduling and reduce stress at work.

You answer a number of emails every day. Along with social media, emails are a great distraction at work, even though they may be work related. As a result, you may be processing emails when you should be working. Email […]

Workplace rockstars are the employees who always manage to stand out from the rest of the employees and stand higher chances of future success. If you desire joining the bandwagon, here are ten things and behavioral traits that will help

All of us want to notch the topmost positions on our work front. After all, we want to be the best in all that we do. Nurturing this feeling is good as it helps in maintaining the required positivity but

building blocks for getting ahead at work

To be a new and a fresh employee in an organization has its fare share of advantages and disadvantages. Talking about the disadvantages first, you being a new addition in the organization, all eyes are on you. However, the advantage

successful growth

Your office space is where you spend a large part of your day. The office environment is altogether different from various social environments. This is the place where negative human tendencies like egos, jealousy, opportunism and deceit come to the

Working can be a grinding and groaning experience for many of us, given the multiple hours we put in giving effect to the assignments. We hardly find the time we much cherished to go out on a late night dinner

Being emotionless is one of the perquisites to be successful in career, for it highlights the strength of a person to deal with any situations that might come his way. A stoical and equitable personality shows that a person is

Holding secure and good relationship with the boss is vital in a workplace environment. One inevitable aspect that prevails in an organization is stress. It occurs frequently during working hours when the employee faces tough situations.It is very significant to

Your employer expects you to multi process. Work on your system, guide the fresh recruits and lend a hand to another project while learning up a brand new technology. This seemingly impossible task set has been accomplished by you on

Most Important Task

A job comes with its own drawbacks along with the perks it offers. Some days might seem like a struggle and these are the days that test your willpower. Such bad days should not make you lose sleep or make

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