Brand Image

There are many different brands available in the market. On the surface, all these brands seem to exist together in absolute harmony, side by side. However, on closer inspection, it is seen that there is present an underlying current of […]

Brand Reputation Management

Indian Corporates are slowly adapting to the rapidly changing scenario. However, a lot of them have consciously chosen to stay behind. Moreover, those who are actively adapting to the change are foreign companies operating in India i.e. MNCs. Though some

Startups are doing well and as a result more talented young grads with entrepreneurial dreams are launching new businesses with nominal resources. The success of a handful of startups may inspire you to become an entrepreneur but for succeeding like

Sensory marketing and marketing techniques that are based on human emotions have become popular among top marketers. Marketing is all about influencing the audience and making them take a particular action. If your marketing campaign does not pull emotional triggers

Primal marketing

There is nothing more important for business owners than the image of their brand. Getting your logo designed by an upscale designing firm is not enough for building a positive brand image. The products you offer, the way your employees

Social media platforms have grown so massively that it has become important what is being discussed about their brand, product, services and many more. Once these negative comments go viral online, your business image is tainted badly. One has to

negative scoring

Brand awareness is one of the most important tools as it is effective in getting customers to identify and remember your brand. It is the best way to market a new brand. You can go for an attractive tagline and

brand awareness

An online partnership is a cooperative effort to achieve established goals. It is a long term as it can go a long way for businesses that it helps in improving the efficiency and profitability of a business. Generally, we create

Online reputation management is essential for building a positive brand image and protecting your business from rumors spread by unscrupulous people. The internet is an infinitely vast virtual space and suppressing the rumors, negative comments, remarks, complains and reviews can

Every business has to toil to build a reputation for their brand. Without good reputation, you cannot expect to gain customer loyalty or expand your market. Internet has provided us with an interactive platform through which buyers and sellers can

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