Adopting solar power generation for homes has become a regular norm and many users are reaping its benefits today. But, is it just an ecofriendly idea to install a commercial solar panel, or will it also be a profitable venture?

benefits of solar panels

Have you ever been stopped at a shopping mall and been asked for your contact details — saying that it is for a lucky-draw?  Well you will be contacted later and asked to come along with your family to claim


It is necessary that Indian firms follow in the footsteps of global ones and come up with their own innovation strategies. If one has recognised key areas of innovation and change, then excellence is sure to follow.

Social media has transformed the internet. Business owners quickly realized the potential power that social media held for marketing and leveraged the power as much as they could. These were updated to make it easier for business owners to market

Social media marketing is an art and with the right social media marketing solutions business owners can master it. This platform offer its own marketing tools like Twitter targeted ads, Google+, Facebook pages and Pinterest Promoted Pins, to name a

Website marketing through social media networks has gained a lot of importance of late. Many companies are rushing to make their online presence more powerful because of the same. Gone are the days when companies and businesses just used to

Integrating social media into your business’s marketing campaign is not that hard a task provided you take some time and effort to do some research before starting it. In this article, we have discussed different steps that go into integrating

Two things, creating a brand identity and defining a niche market for your business, are important for making your business stand out. The market has become congested as many companies are providing the same type of products and services. Competition

There was a time when personal branding was considered a whim and not taken seriously, but over the period, it has become a necessity. Every individual needs to create their personal brand to impress their peers, competitors and contemporaries. Personal

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