What does it take to make a startup a success? Its leader of course! A weak leader would pave the way for an even weaker startup organization that would not be able to taste success in the market in spite […]

Nowadays, there are more perceptive consumers than ever before and traditional form of branding that starts with a brand name, such as BMW, and then forms a linkage with services like safety and careful drivers is becoming less effective. Due

Leadership development program has become important in large and small organizations as grooming leaders from within the company is viewed as much more beneficial to the company than bringing in someone from outside. It is viewed that employees from within

Every corporate and academic leadership development program is founded on formulaic model. It tries to collect all the different approaches to leadership.  Good leaders have the confidence to make decisions their own and one of the best ways to build

Online reputation management is essential for building a positive brand image and protecting your business from rumors spread by unscrupulous people. The internet is an infinitely vast virtual space and suppressing the rumors, negative comments, remarks, complains and reviews can

Effective delegation is one of the most vital management skills and these logical rules or techniques will help you to delegate well.  Effective delegation is the process of sharing responsibility for good results. Leaders decide the vital objectives to be

When you are in the world of online marketing and advertising, it is essential to focus on quality advertisements to be displayed on online platforms. Not only your ad’s wording matters, but its graphics, color schemes and animation is also

In today’s ad world, you cannot simply survive without launching any advertising campaign. But, you surely have to see that your campaign supports your business to reach a wider audience and is also cost-effective. If you are able to attract

Corporate branding is the company’s name that it usually applies to its group of products. When a successfully marketed product creates good reputation for a company, it also associates some other products with this successful product by giving them a

Nowadays when people are bombarded with advertisements all the way in their life, there is a need to come up with something different, bold and compelling in your ad campaign in order to make it memorable for the audience. To

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