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Studies have shown humble leadership is great for business success. Being humble you display the bigger purpose of accountability to your team and business. It does not mean you think less of yourself but think of yourself less. Humble leaders […]

humble leadership skills great for your business

InVideo is an online tool using which you can make interesting, attractive and appealing videos, or edit existing ones. You don’t have to learn any course to edit or create your videos, but the tutorials on the site are quite

InVideo Online Video Creator

Videos in one language is the norm. However, through the internet your video might reach a person sitting at the other end of the world. But it’s of no use if the viewer cannot understand a word of it. With

multilingual video creation with Alugha

Long gone are the days when you could carry your business forward without using any software or tools. The market today has become so competitive that even if you have something as simple as a food joint, you need to

Businesses Need Growth Hacking Platforms Like Erxes

Creating business proposals need not be a time consuming affair anymore. You don’t have to spend hours trying to create the best proposal for your clients, which would be effective and impressive as well. There are certain clients who belong

create your business proposals with

Canva is an online design tool which is just perfect to create appealing designs for posters, social media, flyers, brochures, event invites, presentations and much more. People who have no previous knowledge of graphic design or graphic design software, can

A guide to Canva

Graphic design used to be the forte of a select few, those who were conversant with art or completed a graphic design course. Nowadays, even you can be a designer with advanced design tools or online resources such as Crello.

benefits of designing with Crello

Creating a professional post takes a lot of time and is expensive, if you get your designs done through an agency. DesignCap is a very reasonably priced online resource for all types of graphic design needs. From flyers, posters, banners

DesignCap’s unique features

For a beginner or a seasoned developer using WordPress, it is a hair-raising and heart-wrenching experience to lose files by mistake. Just one wrong click might cost you dearly, and waste a lot of your time and energy. Not to

WP Reset review

Running a business requires many tools to suit your various needs of project management, file management, billing/invoicing, CRM, marketing via emails, client portals and more. Separate tools for all of these functionalities throws up the challenge of managing them and

SuiteDash All in one tool for all your business needs
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