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blog a marketable commodity
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Monetizing your blog is a possibility and a very real one too, though it is not easy. To be of a value, your blog should have a unique image, it should be a brand by itself, and to achieve this brand value, you need to be an expert blogger in your niche. It takes continuous effort and experimentation to keep a good blog running.  Sometimes even after having quality posts, unique content and regular traffic, you may not be able to monetize it to the maximum because you are not aware of the different possibilities of marketing. Most experienced bloggers have multiple sources of income generation. The major income streams are as listed below.

Income from Advertising

All bloggers are aware of this source of income, as the technique is similar to that of the print media where customers pay for promoting their ads. Most of the budding bloggers with a decent traffic need the help of ad networks like Google AdSense to run their ads on their blogs. After you acquire higher traffic, you can approach BuySellAds who offer you higher percentage for ad sharing. Sometimes a blog is put up purely to market your offline business – these blogs gives you information of the products and update you about any sale promotions.

Affiliate marketing income

The income associated with e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon constitutes towards the major revenue of such marketing. It operates through links placed in your blogs, which would allow your readers to go to these shopping sites and purchase the product that was displayed as ad on your site. The blogger earns a decent commission for every purchase through the link. This kind of marketing can be provided for various services and products. The advertiser has a good relationship with the blogger and your suggestions are taken into consideration while placing and designing ads.

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Recurring income through membership programs

This sort of revenue generates a predictable or regular income from your site. As your blog becomes popular, you can set up payment gateways for your readers so that they can access special or premium content and services of your blog. It is like subscribing magazines, where you pay for in short term or opt for long-term subscription fees and get considerable rebate for the services.

Income from events

Webinars, workshops and online summits have risen in popularity these days due to high speed in streaming supported by high video quality. These events are marketed everywhere and find a way to your blogs too. It is a great source of income.

Providing services

If you are not interested in making revenue through ads as it de-means your blog or disrupts the quality of your blog, you can offer services to your readers. Copy writing, coaching, designing, bookkeeping and many other freelance services can be provided through your blogs.

Income through products

After having established yourself as an expert blogger and having gained good traffic to your site, you may venture into selling products (that generally have some relation to your blogging). Virtual and physical products could be sold through your blog. The former being e-books, software, apps and the latter – books, t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise.

Other income sources

When a hugely popular site features your niche content on their website, you stand to make good money for this association. This is called syndication. Not every blogger gets this opportunity, you need to be an expert in your field and it should have followers too.

Another income source is through asking for donations to your followers to maintain your site.

Lastly, income is also generated by selling your popular blog. You may list your blog on for this purpose.

Now that you know your blog is a worthwhile asset, let us make use of it to churn an income for those painstaking efforts. Happy blogging folks!

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